/Dogs Vs Cats

The battle between dogs and cats begins!

Guess who’s the big bully and who’s the nice one! Take a look!

O.M.G… Catssss! RUN!!!!!

cat animals dog scared gato

Stop it..!!

cat animals dog slap


cat slaps cat dog slap slapping

Go away…..!

cat funny animals dog man

Stop disturbing me already!

cat dog scared slap roomba

Yes, be stunned! Despite their size, dogs turn out to be the more docile and nice ones =)

what shocked really wut huh

Most of the time, cats seems to the one fighting back and bullying. This may be one of the reasons why I love dogs better. Of course, this does not apply to all dogs and cats, I am sure there are exceptions!

No matter what, we love both cats and dogs. To me, they are one of the the kindest and warmest species on earth! 🙂

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Source: www.giphy.com