/Funny Dogs In Slow-Mo

How many of you have tried video-ing your dogs using the slow-mo function in your smart phones?

If you haven’t, try it! It will make you ROFL!

So loving the face!

dog running fat slow motion


Cheezburger dogs slow motion jumps

Aww… this chihuahua is so freaking adorable playing those bubbles!

slow motion dog bubble

Crazy eyes.

animals dogs slow motion

Take a look again at those eyes.

corgi dog slow motion treat

LOL. those eyes!

motion corgi treat

Not sure about you, but I was definitely ROFL-ing after watching these dogs in slow-mo.

Cheezburger rofl tv science star trek

You got to agree that watching a dog simply fill one with happiness.

Have a lovely day people!


Source: www.giphy.com