/Doggie Valentine: 5 Reason Why Quinn Would Be The Perfect Valentine

This is Quinn.


That is, if he were cuter and less annoying.

I’m kidding, this is Quinn.

Don’t be fooled by his old man moustache and Puss in Boots eyes. He’s way smellier than he looks.


Yes, that’s a pink cone on my 7-year old male Shih-Tzu, but in my defense they were all out of the blue cones, and Quinn had a paw-licking problem that just could not be ignored. 


Back to Valentine’s Day: With Quinn being the only child, he won’t be getting the companionship that his siblings (both adopted by the same owner) would be getting. Feeling utterly heartbroken at the thought that Quinn would be spending V-Day alone whining to himself at home #thefeels, I’ve decided to ask Quinn to be my Valentine. 

Granted, I’ve asked him on numerous occasions over the last 3 days and have not yet received a response. But silence means consent, and I’ve got myself a date!! (Much to my beau’s distaste)

Quinn would make the best V-day date though, but I’m not telling the beau. Shhh. Here’s why:

1. Shower of Kisses


Dog slobber is always cute. Date slobber, on the other hand, is just icky.

2. Marriage proposal ain’t an issue


Personally, marriage ain’t on the cards for me till I’ve got my grown up teeth. Just kidding. But at least I know Quinn’s not about to get down on one knee and expect me to gently reject his marriage offer – Even if he’s got the most doleful chocolate-y brown eyes.

3. PJs and messy bun, done!


Quinn won’t care if I’ve got my makeup emulated after the gorgeous earthy tones of Urban Decay’s latest Naked 3 palette, nor does he care if I make dinner conversation in a Kiehl’s hydrating masque and some PJ bottoms. Heck, he just loves that I’m there.

4. Snuggles


With the beau, snuggles are always fun. But I’m talking about those soul-and-rib crushing snuggles from less savoury V-day dates. I mean, come on man, learn how to snuggle the right way. It’s a skill worth working on (unless you’d rather remain single the rest of your life) – Pup snuggles are never-ending, ever-comfy and picture-tastic.

5. Prolonged eye contact 

Nope, no weirdness. In fact, Quinn and I play a game called the “Who-looks-away-first-is-the-ultimate-loser” game. He always wins, but only because I let him.


So what about it? Dogs need some love too, on this day most of all! Speaking of which, Happy Valentine’s Day folks 😀