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Doggie Daily: Our furry new dog-ters

There was an article written last year, by Natural News’ staff writer David Gutierrez, which claimed that Man’s best friend, aka our little balls of allergies who are probably lying around lazily at home yapping away and chewing on things inhumanely chewable. If you’ve not yet read the news about my insane allergies, you can check it out here.


He cited a study done by the researchers of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, claiming that their rescue dog Frankie, had a 90 percent success rate at distinguishing between the urine of people with thyroid cancer, and the urine from people without the disease. The alternative to diagnosing such cancers would be through biopsies and invasive surgeries, all of which containing less than perfect accuracy.

Currently, followup studies are being conducted in conjunction with Auburn University: College of Veterinary Medicine to train dogs for events of cancer detection.


Honestly, this is the best news I’ve heard since learning that Quinn finally adopted our potty training routine. Using dogs and other animals to detect cancer is fantastic news – And I do believe that the logic is quite simple (for all you non-believers out there). Whilst humans have only 5 million or so scent receptors in our noses, dogs have about 200 million, giving their sense of smell the power of being a thousand times more sensitive than humans. Talk about reliable lifeguards! 

And all this time, with all this skill – All Quinn does is sleep and chill. Hey, that rhymes! Go Tish.