/Tips – How To Save On Pet Care!


Gosh, I should’ve known that before picking Donut up.

Just kidding, Donut! 

Seriously though, how many times have you heard yourselves complaining to yourselves regarding the exorbitant cashier bill? I know I did- All the time! From medication and grooming to their staples and treats, it’s a bottomless pit of bills and regret. And dog snacks cost more than a jumbo cup of Ilao Ilao yoghurt? Are you kidding me?

I used to be a real spendthrift person – With the credit cards buying nothing but the best for my little ball of happiness. Still, sooner or later, we’ve all gotta grow up.


Don’t get me wrong. I’m not asking you to scrimp on grooming – Go right ahead! But when it comes to the mud spas and doggie facial treatments… Is that really necessary?

And if you’re trying to keep on a lower budget, try snipping, trimming, showering, clean his ears and eyes all by yourself – Just like how I do it! Plus, nothing beats spending some qualiy time together. Just be careful and to groom the right way – The last thing your pocket needs is another trip to the vet.

On an average, my toy poodle goes professional grooming every 2-3 months.

For more information, check out our previous article on DIY grooming here!


Come on guys, I’m pretty sure you have some old toys closeted somewhere. Dig them out and give it to your fur-kids already. Make sure you wash them thoroughly though, before letting them have a bite. It’d be great if you happen to have those squeaky ones!

What I also do is that I rotate the toys every week to keep things interesting for my dog. This will make them feel like they are getting new toys every week! Unless you have rather deep pockets jangling with fresh galleons (oh wait, that’s Harry Potter!), I wouldn’t suggest getting new ones. Plus, they all end up the same way – Smelly, gross, and stained with beloved saliva.

Daily Necessities

Many have the misconception that human items are humans, whereas doggie ones are strictly for dog-use only. Nonsense – Lots of things can be shared. Sharing is caring, folks – Don’t forget that oldie but goodie saying. Okay I’m going to stop.

Here are some of my tips:

1. Cotton wool/buds – There’s really no difference between theirs and ours except that theirs are longer (the cotton bud) and way more expensive – Double them up, folks!

2. Hypoallergenic, no alcohol, no fragrance baby or antibacterial wipes– make sure they are extra gentle on the skin – Once you’re done with yours, pass one on to the little sucker.

3.Vinegar – It makes for a lovely Shark Fin condiment, AND it keeps your dogs away from things you’d rather not have them chew up and mutilate. Awesome!

Home-made snacks

From air-frying to steaming and slicing; apples, bananas, pumpkins and blueberries are the ultimate  snack to share with them pups. Just check out our list of best foods here! They’re safe, healthy, cost-friendly. Why not?

Any tips for us?