/Type Of Clothes To Get For Your Dogs

List Of Different Types Of Dog Clothings

It’s hot in Singapore, seriously hot.

I’ve heard my expat friends groan about it, I’ve seen them turn red and being fried under our stove of a sun. Heck, you don’t have to be an expat to turn beetroot red under the sun – I’m Asian with the complexion of tofu, and despite my mother’s repeated warnings never to forget my sunscreen, let’s just say that I’ve been burnt more than once (pun intened).

And yet, amidst the sweltering heat of the day and humidity of the night, we Singaporeans never accept less than stylish for ourselves – And our dogs.

Be it chic, cheeky or classy, these little outfits not only spruce up your dog’s wardrobe, but they… How did Taylor put it… Never run out of style?

1. The Cheerleader

Type Of Clothes To Get For Your Dogs Cheerleader
Cheerleader outfits are always cute, all year round. And hey, these double-up as Halloween outfits!

2. Hairy Potter

Type Of Clothes To Get For Your Dogs harry potter
OOOOOOHHH is this cute or what?! That scarf and those glasses make for a fantastic conversational starter, talk about magical puppy play dates!


3. Onesies

Type Of Clothes To Get For Your Dogs pajamas
Then again, all PJs for dogs are onesies. These are perfect if you’re a pampered soul (like myself) lounging in air-conditioning all year round to escape from the Singapore heat.

4. The Uniqlo ambassador

Type Of Clothes To Get For Your Dogs checkered
Checkered print on furballs? Why not? We’re even on the look out for a couple of graphc print tees, tasteful ones, of course, for our little pups. Any takers?

We love the idea of doggie clothing – What about you? Yay or Nay?