/LDR: A Dog & Owner Skype Story

Hello everyone, I’m Magdalene the new contributor for Perropet!

A little something about myself, I’m currently a third year student at Temasek Polytechnic. Much to my dismay, I do not own any dogs *cries* but I really love animals and writing is something I adore.

LDR for dummies

LDR is basically an abbreviation for Long Distance Relationship. I get that it can be tough being so far away from someone you love, but even more so for my friend, Mal, who’s currently experiencing this long distance relationship with her dog at the moment.

Not only is it challenging both mentally and emotionally for attached pet owners, but Skype’s always a great solution to mend a broken heart. At least for LDR relationships.

Mal, who is currently Perth-bound, has had Bobo for almost 6 years now. Occasionally, she Skypes both her mother and Bobo at the same time. There were times where Bobo could hear her voice over the iPad, but couldn’t see or smell her. Cue the heartache. In fact, Bobo occasionally trots into Mal’s old bedroom to reminisce over old scents and old memories.

*clutches heart and dies*

Proof: The heart-ache continues

This was a skype call that Mal recorded. The feels!


The solution

LDRs are hard, for humans and for your pets (sometimes even more so for your pet!). So what do you do? Well, you do what everyone does: You wait it out. And though it is tough, hang in there. Time eventually passes, and only time will reunite you with your furry loved ones.

Personally, I would purchase a Build-A-Bear, fully recorded with my voice and instructions to my mom to press that voice button whenever my dog gets lonely. But I’m broke. And a student. So scrap that idea. Hey, there’s always Skype!


I'll end this post of Bobo sitting all dainty on her IKEA toy bed.
I’ll end this post of Bobo sitting all dainty on her IKEA toy bed.