/Four Incredible Things Your Dog can Sense

Dogs are pretty intuitive animals. Have you ever wondered what usually went on behind their big round eyes and effusive smile? One study even showed that dogs are able to understand our cues and facial expressions –  naturally, that’s just atop of the four incredible things that our dogs can sense!

Truly, it’s amazing – They’re just like miniature furry human beings with a pension for bacon-flavoured treats and the occasional sock. In short, Tyrion Lannister.


dog with kid 2

Have you ever felt so downhearted, thinking that nobody would possibly care? Dogs are the same, and they can even refuse to play with his toys, and can even lose their appetites. One journal titled Animal Cognition found that dogs were more likely to approach sad people (crying, upset, desolate) compared to happy and perky ones, strangers and owners alike!

Jealousy and Anxiety

sad dog justice

A journal of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that dogs are able to sense a general disparity between themselves and other dogs, especially when the other party is rewarded but they aren’t. This causes them to display anxiety. So be fair towards your pups, folks! They’re smarter than you think.


dog detect

Dogs’ sensing capability is just awesome. Previous research suggested that not only is their sense of smell 10000 times that of a human, but  Alexandra Horowitz’s Inside of a Dog even indicated that dogs are capable of detecting a single sugar cube amidst two Olympic-sized pools of water!

Similarly, dogs can identify certain chemical substances (hence Police dogs), even those contained in our body odours. Illnesses like cancer or epilepsy produces special chemical compositions with significant odours, which are detectible by our furry friends. That probably explains a dog’s ability to sense cancer and potential seizures.


mari shiba inu

Are you familiar with the film Mari and Her Three Puppies? This film is based on a true story of a dog called Mari, who saved its elderly owner and granddaughter in 2004 from an earthquake in Japan.

Some scientists have indicated that dogs would start behaving strangely,  barking intensely before an earthquake happens – All because they’re capable of hearing the tumbling of rocks underground. Other seismologists argued that dogs’ paws are able to detect certain levels of seismic activity.


So what say you? Dogs are absolutely amazing – don’t you agree?