/List of Pet Taxi in Singapore

Pet Taxi Services in Singapore

1. Sg Pet Taxi


Established in 2007, Sg Pet Taxi wants to end your misery! Sg Pet Taxi aims to be ‘your pet chauffeur’ that provides a comfortable journey for all humans and pets. Pet taxi is also sanitized daily to ensure good hygiene. Rates are fixed per trip! If you are travelling far and has more than 1 pet, this may just be a good choice! Best of all, they offer FREE transportation for all guide dogs and handlers in Singapore to show appreciation and support to guide dogs.

Prices: Starts from $40

Contact: Instagram

2. Pawmigos Pet Taxi


A newly started business by pet owners themselves, Pawmigos was derived from the words PAW and AMIGOS (friends). Being animal lovers themselves, all kind of pets (dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig or hamster etc) are accepted! Fares are charged based on distance travelled, instead of a fixed fare. This may be more feasible if you are just going to somewhere nearby!

Prices: Starts from $10

Contact: Facebook Page 

3. Uncle Loo Taxi


Everyone who uses private pet taxi service often may have already heard of Uncle Loo! Uncle Loo has many top priorities such as safety and cleanliness. Uncle Loo allow pets to have the backseats by themselves – unless you want to keep them company at the back! The backseat cover is washed and replaced with a clean one after every use.

Prices: Starts from $40

Contact: Facebook Page

4. Fourkids Family Pet Taxi


Fourkids Family is owned by a food-lover-nutritionist-gerontologist-wannabe, who owns four furkids! After 20 years of work experience, she left her previous job and has since dedicated her life to serving dogs. She is a dog lover, with a skills certificate in Pet Care and Management – your pets are definitely in safe hands! If you feel like you need someone to ask for advice, Fourkids provide free listening ears too!

Prices: Starts from $25

Contact: Facebook Page


5. LuckyPetStyle

LuckyPetStyle was established in 2016 by a guy with great passion for the furkids! LuckyPetStyle has been working with furkids in a pet shelter back in 2013 and had seen and heard lots of rejections from the taxis/PHD drivers from the pawrents. Thus, LuckyPetStyle was built to help pawrents with this issue. Great news for families or big groups! LuckyPetStyle uses a 7 Seaters MPV to ferry the furkids and humans around at NO additional charges!
Price: Distance based
Contact: Facebook Page

6. PetMate


PetMate is an on-demand pet taxi (think Uber/Grab) just for pets and pet owners! If you are looking for a pet taxi urgently, PetMate may just be the answer! Just download the app, tell PetMate what is needed, and a driver will be going over to you at the arranged timing! Return trips can also be arranged just for you!

Prices: Starts from $20

Contact: Facebook Page

7. Grab/Uber


With so many transport services on the road, things have changed! More and more drivers have since allowed pets in their cars. Once you have secured a ride with the driver, don’t forget to give them a call and double confirm if they are fine with dogs! If you are lucky, you may even get a Hitch driver – save cost!

Prices: Starts from $5

If you offer pet taxi services and would love to be included in this list, please feel free to let us know! 🙂