/Dog Breed Introduction: Telomian

Telomian is a rare dog breed of Malaysia which is the only native Malaysian dog breed that has been bred outside of Malaysia. The Telomian is notable for being the only Malaysian dog known outside that Southeastern Asian country. Also, it is an extremely rare dog breed that has the unique ability to climb the wooden ladders of houses built on 6 to 8 foot stilts. Also, the dogs developed the rare ability of climbing the wooden ladders that ran from the ground to the doors of their owners’ huts. When they were bred from dingoes or other feral dogs, they are not as domesticated as other dog breeds.

Telomian Dog Origin

The Telomian was originally bred by the Orang Asli to aid in hunting and to control small vermin in the jungles of Malaysia. Originally The Orang Asli of Peninsular Malaysia are credited with breeding the dog. The people lived on huts on stilts, instead of the ground, to avoid the dangerous animals and insects that prefer to appear at night. The Orang Asli always trained the Telomian to protect their huts from some of these harmful elements, which included rats and snakes.

Telomian Dog Characteristic


The Telomian is more than just a vermin hunter and skilled climber. It can also use its paws to do a variety of things: from holding objects to opening doors. The Telomian is indeed a unique breed. The dog does not bark. It produces other dog-like noises instead. This breed makes strange howling, growling and crowing sounds as Basenji and the New Guinea Singing Dog,. The Telomian is a primitive breed. The aborigines of Malaysia utilize this dog as vermin eradicator, as hunter, watchdog and shepherd. Similar to other primitive dogs, the Telomian also has one estrus cycle in a year. This cycle peaks from September to October. Early socialization is necessary for this breed. Four to six weeks after birth the puppies would need extensive socialization. The puppies should experience maximum amount of bonding with humans. Without this socialization, the puppy will grow into a nervous and aloof dog that is incapable of adapting to new situations.

The Telomian is a little dog breed with short smooth coat. They resemble many other common dogs same as the Dingo. Their small size makes them quick and agile. Telomians will have a black or blue tongue. A Telomian is a well built sturdy dog. This breed has an elegant straight body. The deep chest provides plenty of lung and heart room. Ribs are well sprung. This midsized dog has very straight forelegs and perpendicular pasterns. A black masked Telomian with covered a parti-colored coat and a strip of white hair from the chest and extends to the stomach is one of the impressive looking dog.

The Orang Ali people highly value to the Telomian not only because it is a very useful and helpful breed but also because the dog makes a wonderful family pet. This is a very protective and affectionate breed. The Telomian can win people’s heart because of its charming personality.  This breed will protect its family at all cost. The dog is very alert and would not need any training as it is naturally wary of strangers. However, the dog will accepted people by the family. There are very energetic and playful, the dog makes a gentle and protective pet of the young ones in the family. The dog gets easily attracted by balls, Frisbees, etc and other toys, it would be a tireless playmate of the children. This dog won’t manifest aggressiveness against other dogs, it can live peacefully in a two or more dog household. If the dog is extensively socialized at the age of 4 to 6 weeks, this well balanced temperament however is only possible.

Telomian Care

The smooth shiny coat of Telomian breed does not require extensive maintenance. The owner would not be saddled with the daily grooming to prevent tangles from forming. A once-a-week brushing would be enough to maintain the good condition of the coat. Excessive bathing will not be necessary as well. A Telomian is an athletic breed. Prospective owner must be aware of the dog’s high exercise requirements. The small size makes this breed suitable for apartment living. This breed does not bark as there will be no irate neighbors because of a noisy dog. However, the dog would need excessive exercise. An owner has to make sure that the dog is taken for daily long walks.

Telomians are extremely intelligent and adaptable dogs. They have a strong prey instinct and enjoy playing and running always so they enjoy games that require this skill such as searching for a treat and any type of chasing game like fetch, frisbees, chasing balls, etc. Telomians can adapt to most living environments and can live in apartments as long as they receive enough exercise to control their high energy. When they don’t bark, they do howl which may be an issue in a smaller apartments.