/How Often Should You Bathe Your Cat

Keeping your cat’s skin and coat healthy is important to your cat’s overall well-being. But, since cats can become aggressive or irritated when you try to bathe them, it is easy to get in the habit of skipping it altogether. However, getting your cat into a regular grooming routine can help ease the stress and tension for you both! Plus, if you start them at a very young age, they can almost enjoy getting a bath. The good news is your cat takes care of a majority of their hair care needs by themselves with all that licking, but that doesn’t remove mats, eliminate dandruff or make them smell better.


How Often Should You Bathe Your Cat?

In general, an average indoor pet cat can easily handle being bathed one or two times per year. But as mentioned above, it’s a big sin if you never wash your cat. Many people don’t, and cats are okay with it; they don’t need the super level of cleanliness that humans do

Dependant Factors

Again the number of times your cat needs to bathe totally depends on the breed of the cat you are having and also on the following factors…

Environment: Outdoor kitties will need a bath more frequently than their indoor counterpart. As outdoor cats get dirty more rapidly than indoor cats. However, to improve the significant outlook of indoor cats, it is recommended to bathe them once in awhile. As their coats accumulate dirt and oil over time which makes it look unappealing and poor.

Coat length and type: Longer coats will require more maintenance than short coat cats which includes brushing them.

Self-grooming behaviour Cats that cannot or do not groom themselves efficiently need regular baths to keep their coat from becoming greasy or sticky. Overweight cats have difficulty reaching all areas of the body, so they will need to be bathed more regularly – the back side of these kitties often becomes matted and the skin can become itchy, flaky or even infected.

Activity level

Cats that are highly active will require more frequent bathing as they get dirty faster and easily.

Health issues

Issues like skin irritation, tick or flea infestation and loose stool can require more attention.

The National Cat Groomers of America recommends cats get a bath and blow dry every 4-6 weeks to keep their coats from getting matted or pelted.

Reasons to Bathe Your Cat

Bathing a cat will make him cleaner.

The fact that cats already wash themselves is true, but this fact is somewhat misunderstood. It’s actually not like they “wash”-wash themselves, at least not in the sense in which humans understand it. Licking its own fur helps a cat to get rid of dead hair, dirt, parasites and food leftovers, which helps a lot with survival in the wild. But this does not make the cat human-standard clean.

Bathing a cat will reduce shedding.

Having to live, sleep, eat and pray with a cat’s fur everywhere is a common complaint from cat owners, especially if their cats have long or soft coats.

Bathing a cat will make its coat shinier and healthier.

And if you use a shampoo and coat conditioner of natural origin, it will also make your cat’s coat and skin healthier. Dandruff will be reduced, and if washing is accompanied by regular brushing, your cat’s coat will also be mat-free.

Bathing a cat will help to stop fleas(as well as other skin parasites).

If your cat already has fleas, it is highly recommended that you bathe her using a flea-control shampoo. You can find this in a veterinary clinic, where you will also be able to discuss other possibilities to get rid of those tiny pests.