Dog Food Review: The Honest Kitchen

A whole made natural, organic, and human grade ingredients!

The Honest Kitchen

Introducing the Honest Kitchen dog food brand. This company is committed to providing your pet with a natural, healthy alternative to commercial brand dog foods. The Honest Kitchen dog food brand specializes in human grade dog food that is nutritious and contains organic ingredients. They pride themselves on being environmentally aware and choosing eco-friendly products that leave no carbon footprint behind. All packaging is biodegradable and contributes to keeping a healthy planet. The Honest Kitchen is a healthy dog food brand for conscious consumers who want healthy pet foods options.


Commercial dog foods often contain artificial ingredients and unnatural fillers. These items can wreck havoc on your dog’s system. Feeding your pet Honest Kitchen dog food brand is beneficial to its health in many ways. Dull dry coats can be brought back to vibrancy with natural ingredients. Some allergies and skin issues can disappear from feeding your pet a natural diet. Dogs who suffer from digestive issues or a sensitive stomach can eat Honest Kitchen dog food brand and find relief. These benefits come from using natural, organic, human grade ingredients. Honest Kitchen dog food brand is made in the U.S.A. and uses no GMO’s or artificial ingredients.

Honest Kitchen Dog Food Brand Product Series

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The Honest Kitchen dog food brand offers a series of product choices in tasty flavour options. Depending on your dog’s age, health needs, you can find a product series that best fits your dog’s health.

* Honest Kitchen Adult Maintenance Dog Food

* Honest Kitchen Minimalist Adult Maintenance Dog Food

* Honest Kitchen All Life Stages Dog Food

* Honest Kitchen Minimalist All Life Stages Dog Food

* Honest Kitchen Base Mix Dog Food

* Honest Kitchen Herbal Gastrointestinal Supplement For Dogs

The Honest Kitchen dog food brand uses a variety of ingredients for each product series. Healthy protein choices as the main ingredient include real chicken, turkey, or fish. The ingredients include fruits and vegetables for a natural balanced diet. The products are grain free and filled with natural vitamins the meats, fruits, and vegetables provide. The Honest Kitchen dog food brand offers a base mix product to enable you to add your own choice of meats. This gives you the ability to provide the nutrition from the mix yet add a bit a variety from other protein sources. They offer a herbal gastrointestinal supplement for sensitive stomachs.

The Honest Kitchen dog food brand is good for dogs in all life stages. It meets the health needs of pets suffering from lack of nutrients from commercial brand dog food. With no fillers, additives, or preservatives your pets gain energy, vibrancy, and a longer life span. The biodegradable packaging ensures pet owners that not only is their pet’s health important but also the health of the planet. Caring dog owners choose the Honest Kitchen dog food brand over other natural diets due to the conscious awareness of what goes into their products, how it affects the pets health and the environment that we live in.


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Updated: September 21, 2017.

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