/Breed Introduction: Doberman Pinscher Dog

Doberman Pinscher Dog Breed Introduction

The Doberman Pincher is an agile and active dog, usually measured about 26-28 inches in the shoulder, with the female about two inches less. Depending on gender, the Doberman weighs around 60 and 88 pounds. They have a short, hard coat that can be black with tan markings, red, blue, black, ro fawn. The dog ears are typically cropped, then taped to keep them erect. The tail is usually docked. Doberman is a very fast dog with great stamina. It is an intelligent dog and easy to train. This dog can live from 15 to 20 years old. The Doberman is also known as the Dobe.

Doberman Pincher Origin


This breed owes its origin to a German tax collector Karl Louis Doberman. He needed a dog to protect him when he carried money through dangerous areas. Doberman was also in charge of a dog pound and used some inmates there in the breeding program. Since he was particularly fond of Miniature Pinscher appearance, he used it to develop the physical standard of the breed. By 1876, Doberman Pincher appeared in the first dog show.

It is believed that the modern Doberman Pincher originated from several types of dogs. Although the breed used are still unknown, it is considered that Pincher, Rottweiler, Beauceron, Weimerainer, Great Dane, Old German Shepherd, German shorthaired pointer, Black Greyhound, Manchester terrier all contributed to the Doberman’s development. A lot of experts believe that modern Doberman is a combination of at least four types of dogs. There is, however, one exception. It is documented that the Greyhound crossed with the current Doberman. In addition, it is generally believed to be that the former German shepherd, an extinct breed, was the largest contributor to the gene pool.

After his death in 1984, the breed was named the Dobermann-Pincher in his honor. But, about 50 years later, the term Pincher was eliminated. In German, Pincher means terrier. It was considered inappropriate to call the dog a kind of anthem, so the end of the name was officially dropped.

Doberman Pincher Characteristics


The Doberman Pincher is a brave creature who creates an intense bond with their families, which can make them suspicious of strangers. This characteristic makes the breed an excellent guard dog as it will protect the owner family and home from anything that looks like a threat. Because of this protective nature, socialization of this breed is necessary. If you own a Doberman Pincher you need to make sure you introduce him to visitors whenever possible, ensure the dog is familiar with other pets and that strangers are warned of its existence before entering your property if necessary.

Because Doberman Pinschers can be very strong- willed and dominant, it is important they have an owner who can earn their respect, and have time to spend on firm and consistent dog training from the early age. Doberman also feeds off love and care so it is important that at the same time as you are firm you are also loving and caring.

The Doberman Pincher can be quite a jealous dog breed so it is important to have enough time and dedication to show your dog all the love and attention he deserves. Your Doberman will only feel satisfied if he is at the center of your life. That said, this dog is not for everyone because it requires a lot of time, effort and training. If you have the time and dedication, Doberman Pincher will reward you in a unique way with an infinite amount of love and loyalty.