Where To Get Pet Halloween Costumes in Malaysia

Dress up and join the fun!

Where To Get Pet Halloween Costumes in Malaysia

Halloween is approaching, is your furkid ready for trick-or-treating? Halloween can be a lot of fun and it’s the best time to dress up our pets – there’s nothing cuter than a dressed-up pet!

Check out these pawsome costumes to get your furkid ready for the celebration.

1.Howl-O-Ween Bandana

Image from The Love Ones

Looking for a simple Halloween costume? Perhaps the Halloween-themed bandana is a simple, yet clever costume that’s pawfect for this Halloween. The bandanas are available in a variety of colours and designs. Feel free to contact The Love Ones and order a Halloween-themed bandana for your pet!

Contact: 016-6555430

Facebook: The Love Ones

2.The Sakura Hime

Image from Love pet accessories

Make your pet feels like a princess with this adorable Kimono! The sweet Kimono with sakura pattern and bowknot details will make your pet incredibly cute. You can get this costume from Love pet accessories and transform your pet into The Sakura Hime.

Contact: 011-31938626

Facebook: Love pet accessories

3.Beauty and The Beast

Image from Furry Closet

“Beauty and The Beast” comes alive! Dress up your pet as Belle or The Beast to steal the scene. A limited number of “Beauty and The Beast” costumes are available – order it before it’s too late.

Email: furrycloset@gmail.com

Facebook: Furry Closet

4.Pawsome Halloween Costumes

Get into the Halloween spirit and embrace your’s pet inner ghoul! QQ Fido Kiddo Pooch Fashion JB offers a a variety of adorable halloween costumes for your furkid, from the walking pumpkin to vampire. Find the pawfect Halloween costume for your pet at QQ Fido Kiddo Pooch Fashion JB and make this Halloween the best one!

Contact: 012-7546759

Facebook: QQ Fido Kiddo Pooch Fashion JB

5.Police Pet


Image from Lazada

The police pet will be on duty during the Halloween!

The police pet costume is available on Lazada.



Image from Lazada

Escape from the prison and celebrate the Halloween!

Get this costume at Lazada.



Image from Lazada

Ahoy Matey!

The sailor costume is available on Lazada.

8.I’m Lovin It


Image from Lazada

Who doesn’t love french fries?

You can get this costume at Lazada.



Image from Lazada

Release the inner superhero of your pet!

The batman costume is available on Lazada.



Image from Lazada

The sweetest nurse you will ever meet.

Get this costume at Lazada.

11.Walking Pumpkin


Image from Lazada

This festive costume is the perfect way to slay the Halloween party.

The pumpkin costume is available on Lazada.

12.Goldfish in Disguise


Image from Lazada

Show off your pet’s bubbly personality with this adorable, unique goldfish outfit!

Get this costume at Lazada.

13.The Emperor


Image from Lazada

The world is mine! Dress up as a chinese emperor and rule the party with his cuteness!

The emperor costume is available on Lazada.

14.Wear The Pumpkin



Image from Lazada

Transform your pet into a pumpkin with this amazing outfit.

You can get this costume at Lazada.

15.Meet The Lion King


Image from Lazada

Hey Simba, are you going to attend the Halloween party?

Get this lion wig hat at Lazada.

16.Triple Pumpkin


Image from Lazada

Triple happiness! Rock this Halloween by wearing the Jack-O’-Lanterns.

The pumpkin costume is available on Lazada.

Updated: October 24, 2017.

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