/Breed Introduction: Singapura Cats

Breed Introduction: Singapura Cats

The Singapura is one of the smallest breeds of cats, noted for its large eyes and ears, brown thick coat and blunt tail. The tiny Singapura has a tiny little voice, but this mischievous and active cat makes his presence known in other ways: chasing small balls down the hall, tap dancing on keyboards, climbing curtains or anything else that will place him on high, or jumping on your shoulder as you walk by to go for a ride. He retains his playfulness well into adulthood.

The Singapura does best in a home where he will have plenty of company — human or animal.

Breed Origin


The Singapura was developed in the 1970s from cats found in Singapore — the Lion City — by cat fanciers Hal and Tommy Meadow.  Their cats Ticle, Pusse, Tes, George and Gladys, plus Chiko, were adopted from a shelter in Singapore. They were the foundation of the pedigreed Singapura, although cats like them had probably lived in Southeast Asia for at least a decade if not longer.

The Cat Fanciers Association recognized the breed in 1988, and it is also recognized by most other cat associations.

Breed Characteristics


It likes being a lap cat and is an excellent bed warmer on cold nights. Despite his busy nature, he is a gentle friend who will put aside his activities to keep you company when you’re feeling under the weather.

The Singapura’s short, smooth coat is easy to care for with a quick weekly combing. Polishing it with a chamois will make it shine. A bath is rarely necessary.

The Singapura has three distinguishing characteristics: his small size of 4 to 8 pounds, big eyes and ears for his size, and his sepia-toned coat.

The Singapura weighs 4 to 8 pounds.

The Singapura is playful and smart and can be a good friend to a child who treats him nicely. He’s one of those cats who enjoy playing fetch and learning tricks, and his energy level means he won’t wear out before the child does.