/Breed Introduction: Peekapoo Dog

Breed Introduction: Peekapoo Dog

Peekapoos are a cross breed between a Pekingese and a Poodle. Like the parent breeds, Peekapoos can be friendly and affectionate dogs. Peekapoos can be easy to train and live 12 to 15 years or older. A Peekapoo is a wonderful companion dog who will spend his days perched on your lap or sitting by your side. The breed is loyal and affectionate, and can be quite protective of the people he loves which tend to be hilarious due to its small size. Like most designer dogs, the Peekapoo was developed to be a companion for people with allergies. The intelligent and affectionate Peekapoo stole many hearts, and has made his way into a lot of homes and laps. The breed has also begun to see success as a therapy dog.


Breed Origin

The Peekapoo is one of the oldest of the hybrid, or designer breeds. The peekapoo was developed in the 1950s with the cross of a Pekingese with a Miniature or Toy Poodle. The goal was to produce a non- to low-shedding dog suitable for people with allergies. Due to its small, lap-friendly size and sweetly affectionate temperament, the Peekapoo has maintained a strong following.

Breed Characteristics

The Peekapoo is seen in different sizes. On average, the peekapoo is up to 11 inches in height, and can range in weight from 4 to 20 pounds.

The Peekapoo is a loving and loyal dog who is dedicated to his family. An ideal lapdog, peekapoo delights in being part of every family activity. The breed is gentle and rarely combative.

The Peekapoo is an active little dog who requires daily exercise to stay healthy and happy. Unwanted energy can lead to destructive behavior.

The Peekapoo can be trained easily with the use of positive reinforcement. Harsh corrections should not be used with a Peekapoo, since any harsh acts can hurt them.

The Peekapoo’s coat is usually soft in texture and has an almost cottony feel. It should be wavy and of medium to long length. There is no undercoat. The desired coat is low-shedding, but a Peekapoo can range from low to average shedding.