/Creative Ways To Spend More Time With Your Dog

Creative Ways To Spend More Time With Your Dog

Everybody loves the weekends, even dogs. So if you have a drooling fur pet of your own, you can enjoy your weekend together. If you’re unsure what your dog likes to do, here’s the list of fun ideas.

1. Drive Around Town Or Places You’ve Yet To Go


Letting the wind brush through your hair while you sit on the passenger’s seat looking at new sceneries, being driven by your favorite person in the world is an activity the dogs enjoy too. It will surely enjoy sticking it’s head out the window or roof, letting the breeze vibrate through its lips as its tongue slaps itself in the face. Maybe somethings are better understood only by dogs. But still you can imagine your pet’s joy.

You can turn on the music as well. Listen to your favourite tunes together. Music really bonds hearts and registers a memory to a tune, which is a fun way to remember things. Why else do think dogs have big ears? To listen to music of course. So let your dog bop its head while you drive to a new place or even simply to your groceries shopping. You know your dog is always ready to get involved with anything your doing. If it had hands instead of paws, it will even offer to carry your groceries. That’s how much your dog loves you.

2. Skateboarding


Yup, dogs also love to cruise on a wooden plank attached to wheels. Many dog owners have started letting their dogs try it, you might as well jump on board! Bring your furry friend to the nearest skatepark, give it a board and watch it go! They are quick learners. In no time, your dog will push the board, run after it, jump on it and roll away with its tongue hanging out. Cool.

Your dog will become the centre of attention. Especially if you bring your pet to a skatepark like the one in east coast park. You can watch it roll down the slopes and half pipes. It might even learn a few new tricks. If you’re a fan of cruiser boards as well, get both your dog and yourself a longboard, maybe a shorter one for your dog, then cruise around the whole park from one end to the other. It’s great exercise, fantastic beach view, perfect breeze and lots of lovely new faces to say hi to along the way. Life is indeed looking good.

3. Snuggling


But if outdoor activity is not an option due to weather or some other reasons. You and your pet can snuggle up on the couch and watch a good movie. You should know by now, dogs love the TV. You can put on something you enjoy or something you’d like your dog to learn. Maybe, videos of dogs skateboarding! That will help it learn faster and encourage it to get active.

So there you have it guys, some weekend activities all dog lovers can enjoy. Be creative and lead your dog to living the greatest life a dog can live. It will be forever grateful to you. Your dog loves you more than you can imagine!