/Your Puppy, Your.. Photographer?

If you haven’t yet heard about this… Where have you been!

Early in the year, Nikon rolled out an unprecedented innovation, a rather brilliant twist on one man’s idea to attach his Gopro to his hyperactive beach­loving Labrador Retriever:

Are you ready for it?

The smart camera that depends on the heart rate of a cat, dog, or any other domesticated pet in order to snap a photograph created quite a buzz in not only the IT circles but understandably animal lovers everywhere as well, when it was first announced in May. It monitors a pet’s heart rate, and when it spots a spike, a shutter trigger will be activated and a picture snapped.

The jury is still out as to whether this is the 21st century’s next big thing (a smart camera naturally follows a smart phone) or just a marketing stunt by Nikon, since the proposed package seems rather unlikely to be able to be commercially produced.

Phony advertising or not, you can’t deny the novelty of this project. Don’t believe us? See for yourself:

Annie Leibowowitz, anyone?


– Melanie


Feature photo from: Video Maker