/(Dog) Parks & Rec

If you own a pet, you are likely to be familiar with the eternal quandary of wanting to go to a certain place, but being unable to take your pet along. An essential component of good pet health is exercise. If you are looking to expose your pet to different environments other than your own residence, local parks are the answer. This article will help you discover natural spots in

Singapore that not only you, but your fur pets will also love!

1. Botanic Gardens

bot gar

This park is a popular tourist attraction and for good reason. The well-trimmed trees, the multifarious exotic flowers and the glimmering lakes are only a few of the attractions here. What I love about this park is the constantly lively atmosphere. Children and canines are a common sight to be found here.

Your dog will absolutely love the never ending stretches of grass that he/she can explore. Expect to be tugged around as your dog chases wild birds that roam freely in the gardens. This is also a great place for your dog to make some new friends as pet owners frequent this place regularly (especially on the weekends).

bot gar 2

It is best to keep your dog leashed if you are uncertain of his/her public behavior or the park is unusually busy. A good tip would be to stay alert and supervise your dog at all times. However, feel free to let your pet off the leash if you are comfortable and are in control of your dog.

2. Bishan Park


By virtue of being a residential park, this park is generally less bustling. With defined dog trails that run throughout the park, the park is a sound choice if you wish to run/jog with your dog. The silent atmosphere will also help your dog to wind down, relax and relish the day out.

A little insider’s tip: After walking your dog, head on over to the Canopy Garden Dining & Bar for an evening soiree or a simple family dinner. The outside seating is ideal for pets, but its always a good idea to call in before bringing your pets so that the cafe can accommodate your needs.

3. East Coast Park


This tourist hotspot is constantly buzzing with cyclists, skaters and pets! Treat your canine to the soothing sound of sea waves breaking on the beach as you stroll on the sand. The park also presents great opportunities for you to connect with other pet owners. Consider hosting a sizzling barbecue party in the generously sized barbecue pits that line the beach, and relish the special time with your dog!

4. Sembawang Park


The conspicuous old-world charm of this park more than compensates for its relatively remote location. The understated beauty of the park creates a wonderfully calming atmosphere. The large expanses of greenery punctuated by quaint little shop houses selling snacks really makes for the perfect weekend getaway.

A trademark of this park is also its picturesque beach; white sands lining blue waters make the perfect backdrops for photographs with your canines!

5. Sentosa Beach


On the must-visit list of almost all tourists in Singapore, this beach makes a great walking trail for dogs. Consider having a picnic by the beach with coconut ice-cream for yourself and treats for your dogs. If you are interested in training your dog to walk on a leash, Sentosa is an ideal start because of its expansive stretches of sandy beaches.

Keep in mind that most areas in Sentosa require that dogs are leashed at all times to ensure general safety of visitors.

6. West Coast Park


Image: Yelp

What distinguishes this park from the others on this list is its provision of a specialized dog run for your fur pets. The park is a good spot to start training your pets to perform tricks, run through an obstacle course, overcome hurdles and even just to get some fresh air. The dog run does have certain rules to abide by regarding the size and breed of dog, which are important to abide by to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable, safe experience at the park.

The sheer number of dog owners that frequent this place creates a sense of community and allows you to familiarize your pet with other pets. After a jog with your pet, head on over to McDonalds for a sumptuous afternoon meal.

– Tanvi