/Nov Perrobox: DIY Flea And Tick Repellant

Hey Pet Parents!

Alright there’s something we have to talk about….

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Yes, every dog-owner’s one and only taboo, the flesh-eating pest. Now have no fear, though, you aren’t exactly doomed to a life of hopelessness and Frontline, and most importantly, you aren’t alone. We trust that by now you’ve all received your November Boxes. Today we’re gonna walk you through one of our very special items in the Box: a simple and homemade flea and tick repellent.

You’ll Need:

  • 10 drops of Neem oil
  • 25 ml of coconut oil
  • 25 ml of water
  • A spray bottle

.. all of which can be found in the Box! So you’re pretty much set then.

All you have to do is combine everything in the spray bottle and let it work its magic!

Neem and coconut oil are both really good for easing itchy skin and infections as well (be sure to read our write-up about coconut oil, a holy grail of sorts for dogs as we are slowly discovering). As a bonus, it leaves your dog’s coat looking like a million dollars. Don’t believe us? Try for yourself!



What is neem oil?

It’s a vegetable oil pressed from the fruits and seeds of the neem, an evergreen tree found in India.

How is it good for my pup?

Whether applied externally or consumed, this powerful herbal supplement has been widely reported to promote healthy skin, a strong immune system and healthy teeth. Unfortunately though, it won’t kill ticks or fleas, it just repels ticks- so future bites are slightly less likely. The key is consistency. Its main property here is to soothe your itching pup’s skin.

How much?

Be sure to dilute the neem oil, because its strong stuff. This is why we included coconut oil- neem works best diluted in a lighter carrier oil. Spritz a little over your dog’s coat and massage it into his skin. You may apply it several times a day. Just a word of caution, seek your vet’s advice before attempting to apply the oil on your dog if she is pregnant. If your dog appears to react adversely to it, stop application at once and consult your vet.


– Melanie


For information about coconut oil, head over to our Coconut Oil article and be blown away.