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cats and dogs living together

Can Cats And Dogs Live Together

It’s a fact that a lot of us humans can never get along even with the very people we live and grow up with, so it’s no wonder some of us might think that our popular furry companions cannot, too. Cats and dogs are believed to be mortal enemies, that one cannot exist peacefully with the other.

Proper Introduction

However, it might surprise you the bond between these two favorite pets may be stronger than just the need to co-exist, especially when they grow up together.

For puppies and kittens growing up together very early on, it’s much easier to bond since they basically have the same level of needs when it comes to companionship, comfort and play. Both puppies and kittens like to play and they are in constant need of physical contact. Playing and spending time together builds the foundation of this awesome bond. They might even think that they are siblings. The cuteness overload of watching kittens and puppies at play or when they are sleeping together and cuddling is something you will really enjoy.

For cats and dogs living but not necessarily growing up together, it doesn’t happen overnight. Proper introduction is very important in this case as a adding a younger new member in the household can be quite stressful for either an older cat or dog. First rule to remember is to never leave them alone.

Initial introductions are very crucial and should be closely surprised so neither the new addition nor the older pet is accidentally harmed or injured. Give them time to become accustomed to each others’ scents. You may also positively reinforce with treats for good behavior and to encourage bonding. It may take a while for the new younger pet and the older one to get along with each other so be ready to invest a lot of time and patience.

It doesn’t really matter what breed your dog or cat is, both are generally affectionate in a loving, safe and secure environment. And once bonded, they can be very loving and protective of each other, and even grieve or get depressed over the loss of their beloved friend.

If you are undecided whether to get a puppy or a kitten, why not both! The rewards will be twice as much.

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