/5 Beds For Pups Who Love To Snuggle


Personally, my pup loves snuggling. Near my neck, on my belly, on my butt, his head nestled between my thighs, paws askew and galloping frantically through the air. He has been the cause of many a night of restless sleep, but what can I do? I love that little hairy bugger to death. Even if his breath stinks up the room and his paws are the size of baby melons, often thrust in my face mid-nap.

Naturally, I got my little pookie-pie one of the best beds I could find. Paying extra for a bed suitable for a large golden retriever (despite my 7-year old being a Shih-Tzu) didn’t faze me. I was glad to pay through the nose despite my measely #starvingwriter salary just so my black ray of sunshine (oh the irony) had more leg room.

Still, Singapore does present somewhat of a “limited variety” when it comes to dog beds. Aside from the Etsy shippings and overseas hauls, Singapore – how should I put it – would still be considered as carrying 2007 Gucci designs.

Which is fine, if you’re still into last last last last (this could go on forever) season’s Gucci – But gosh, variety does matter when it comes to giving your dog the best. These are the cream of the crop, the permanant residents on my doggie wishlist, and the star of Quinn’s most breath-abated fantasies. Yes, even more so than the dinosaur-sized chew toy.


The Royal Welcome

It kind of looks like the 1929 theatre puppet performance of Punch and Judy, no? Or perhaps a little dash of The Phantom of the Opera? Whatever it is, we’re liking that royal hue – Except, this probably fits small to medium-sized dogs. All you Golden Retrievers out there, good luck!

The One with the Puppies

Say goodbye to all your post-pregnancy worries, and say hello to the bed which caters to both Mama and Papa – And a separate bed for all the girl and boy puppies! That is, till they get bigger. Then Houston, we’ve got a problem.

The Namesake

Ooh, this is a bad boy who’s selfish to share his toys – That personalised pillow may seem selfish to the other pups, but gosh darn it we’re loving how adorable it is. Selfish dogs are the cutest, no? You can always count on them to wrangle that piece of whatever you’re holding out of your hands.

The Alfresco

Ah, my dad would agree with this one. For those pets who crave siesta time, why not try this chaise lounge? It’s cute, tiny, and most of all – It’s chic!

The Deluxe Luxury

Oh wow, forget that 5-star Bali spa that you were intending to fly your pooch over to experience. With this gorgeous baby, your baby will never have another restless night ever again. We reckon Paris Hilton used this bed for her little Tinkerbell (God rest her soul).

So what do you fellas think? Are these beds worth the splurge, or will you be sticking to your Pet Lovers Centre beds? What is on your wishlist? And don’t you dare say newspaper bed, I will get very angry.