/Top 5 Super Food For Your Dog

Super food for your dog – what is it, really?

Man, that was a word that had infiltrated the world of fashion, beauty and health back in 2014 – With them kale salads and cold pressed juices. Thank the overbearing Doge God that that’s all over for now. I’ve had just about enough of my girlfriends telling me how great my bowel movements would be if only I incorporated a little Kale and Flax Seed into my diet.

Nevertheless, though these superfoods have since been abolished from most of the glossies these days – We’re determined to bring them back (most begrudgingly on my part), all for the greater good of our overwhelmingly fat and fluffy canine comrades.

What makes a ‘super food’ would be these foods’ ability to deliver a punch with their leafy greens and tidal wave of nutrients and dense nutritional servings. Helping dogs and humans alike fight disease, maintain great health, boost energy and improve the quality of one’s overall wellbeing – You should really consider adding these foods to your dog’s eating regime, especially for those on the weaker side.

1. Kale

Kale, oh the motherload of leafy greens. A supercharged veggie with an aftertaste of bitter, it not only contains a truckload of Vitamins A, E and C, but it delivers a whole lot of antioxidants which aid your dog’s body in detoxifying itself. Note; This works for humans too. With anti-inflammatory properties in the mix, it is a fantastic source of fibre.


2. Nori

We’re really envying Doge right about now. That Shiba Inu’s really hit the jackpot with its Japanese heritage. Often associated with Japanese cuisine such as sushi and even flavoured snacks, Nori (also known as Seaweed), is rich in Vitamins C, Bs and E, along with minerals such as zinc and copper. Rich in chlorophyll and extremely low in sodium, these are all beneficial in maintaining your dog’s fat metabolism, anti-tumour markers and even regulates their immune system.


3. Chia Seeds

The traditional grain of Mesoamerica, Chia Seeds are known for their immense fiber content, rich in omega fatty acid, antioxidants, calcium and even traces of protein. They can be sprinkled in your dog’s meals or even in their water (They’re really small, so don’t worry about the pups choking!)


4. Blueberries

They’re sweet, juicy, and naturally wonderful! Loaded with anthocyanidins, potent antioxidents, they’re rich in Vitamins C and E, fiber and even manganese. Great for moving bowel movements along, gorging on this tasty fruit can definitely improve your dog’s health – And it’s a tasty frozen treat in the hot summer days! Of course, it’s always summer in Singapore.

5. Quinoa

Often considered a grain as well, Quinoa (pronounced Keen-Wa) is a staple in my very own diet. Supplying all of the essential amino acids, Quinoa is also a great source of many phytochemicals such as Magnesium, Iron, Phosphorous, Folate and of course, Fibre. Quinn still doesn’t know it, but I sprinkle this baby all over his food every morning and night.


Do you have any superfoods to recommend? Note: It can only work if it’s human-approved! Don’t go on feeding your pup alleged superfoods willy-nilly, it won’t work (and could possibly be extremely hazardous)!