/5 Creative Poodles Cuts and Hairstyles

5 Poodles Awesome Cuts and Hairstyles

Oh, we go back to basics: Haircuts galore.

If you’ve got yourself a poodle, consider yourself one of the luckiest owners alive. Seriously though, poodles are one of the most versatile dogs for groomers to express their creativity on, due to their voluminous curls and its ability to hold and maintain fanciful shapes. I can’t imagine a Shih-Tzu with a pompadour #throwingshadeatQuinn – If you’ve no idea who Quinn is, check out Donut’s best friend here!

I mean, ever wonder why most showdogs are poodles?

So why not consider giving your poodles a complete make-over. Strut your Mutt this Chinese New Year with these 5 amazing looks instead!

1. The Bikini Clip (a.k.a Miami Clip)

This usually requires the face, feet and base of the tail shaved, leaving the rest of the body fluff and plush. Legs are also shaped into little poms above their feet. Definitely the “play safe” look if you are not looking for out-of-the-ordinary.

  2. The Continental Clip

Hail the highness. For the turn heading and jaw dropping effect. You may even hear a quaint ‘wow’ from afar. To achieve this, some areas have to be shaved bare, such as the face, belly and legs. Make sure your poodles are hairy enough for these huge poms though! I wonder how it feels to cuddle with this one!

  3. The Town and Country Clip

 You want an easy breezy, effortless look- This is the one. Face, neck, feet and belly are shave with the rest trimmed to your desired length. I’d have my dog try this with longer hair on his ear instead. Play around with the length and you might even come up with a latest poodle cut of your own!
If you’re going for a easy breezy, effortless look, this is the one for you! Face, neck, feet and belly are shaved, with the rest trimmed to your desired length. You’ve gotta play around with the length and throw in your own creativity if you want your poodle to be the stand out! 

 4. The English Saddle Clip

Somewhat similar as the continental clip, but the English saddle clips include 3 poms on their hind legs, not just one. A definite high-end look, I’m torn between continental and english saddle…


 5. The Corded Clip

I call this the bohemian look! But guess what, your poodles don’t necessary have to be corded all over. Nevertheless, this is one intriguing look that is definitely worth a  selfie if you ever see one on the streets!
What about you? Are you (and your pup) bold enough for these daring looks? Let us know, and chat with us! We’d love to hear from you!