/4 Signs Your Dogs Are Saying “I Love You”

4 Signs Your Dogs Are Saying “I Love You”

Many would agree that owning a dog bears similarities with one of a child. They both depend on their caregivers for love, food and security. They are always at the forefront of our mind despite the hectic schedules. You’d rush home to feed, coddle and play with them. Sometimes, you’d even wake up in the middle of the night to check if they’re still breathing (given those dead-like sleeping positions!).

You say it all the time: “I love you”, but are our sentiments one-sided? Sometimes I do wish that I had Doctor Dolitte’s ability to communicate with animals – Things would be so much easier, don’t you think?

But fret not! The good news is – dogs do feel our love and affection all the time, as long as you are sincere. They can be subtle, but it isn’t too hard to catch. What about your expreriences with saying I love you? Any stories to share?

1. The direct gaze

No, they’re not sick. Dogs are genetically programmed to look this way. Trust me, I should know. This is the “I love you, so give me food” look. They’re in no way ill or dying, so take a breath and relax. They’re just greedy, or in love!


2. The excited gambol


After a long day of work, first opening the door would usually get you this kind of a greeting. Lucky I’ve got Donut, a minature Poodle, and not a Doberman. Imagine all that weight upon you and your business suit – No thank you!

3. Bunk buddies

Skin-ship is crucial to any dog’s emotional wellbeing and growth – One time, Donut scooched the entire length of the bed just to snuggle up closer to me. That was adorable!


 4. The Leaner

Donut had already taken a liking to leaning on my thighs, even from a young age. Be it watching the telly, having some Chinese New Year Bak Gwa, it’s a strong sign that they’re emotionally attached to you!

So what about you? Are your dogs as affectionate as Donut is?  Let us know, we’d love to hear about your dogs’ quirks and eccentricities.