/Being man’s best friend: Quinn the rebel


There was an article published in the National Geographic that suggested that dogs were even more like humans than we originally thought, capable of emotions like empathy, loneliness, observancy, and even exhibited signs of empathy and nosiness.

That probably means that while you’re on the potty laughing to a post on 9gag, and your dog quietly sits in front of you, he’s probably judging the shit (pun intended) out of the faces you make whilst having tummy-troubles.

One particular paragraph in the article that made me read it twice, was how they associated dogs to having emphatic qualities which made them “feel” for you.

Trust me, that sentence gave me a good chuckle, because contrary to this article’s belief, Quinn had never given two hoots about me unless I was about to feed him.

I’ve even been close to death, caught in a wrangle betweeen the household giant lizard, screaming my head off and running around with a cleaver, whilst Quinn just prowled lazily on the couch like the King he is, scowling at me and widening his eyes in disbelief.

As if to say, “I can’t believe you’re my honorary mother. Pffft.”

Truly, I’ve gotta get myself a cat soon.