/Quinn’s Mood Swings: This dog will be the death of me

So if you’ve been following the thread on Quinn’s love life recently, then you would probably know of his relationship with his Germany-born Golden Retriever girlfriend having been torn apart due to long-distance issues. She went back to Germany, and well, I’m not about to relinquish my hold on that furry stinkbomb just yet.

Ergo, it’s bye bye girlfriend and more time with mommy. (You can tell I’d be a fantastic mother-in-law in the future.)

Anywho, Quinn’s just been all kinds of sulky recently. From the usual “Leave me alone Hooman I need to be alone to lick and sulk” to the incessant vomitting and stubborn refusal to “come” or “roll over”.

He’s gained a ton of weight, and the overgrown hedge that is his fur has added to his overall chubbiness. In all frankness, he sort of resembles a smelly Spirited Away sootball now, complete with the weird sounds and overly-huge eyes. It’s like watching a Ghibli character undergo severe PMS mood swings, to tell you the truth.

I know, he looks terrifying. But there’s nothing I can say or do to convince him to snap out of it!

I’m not sure exactly how long I’d have to endure till this grouchy debaucle ends. I’ve tried Perrobox’s very own droll of Bark Gwa, a ridiculously tasty snack (I might have nibbled a little on the corners) which Quinn adores; even attempting to watch How To Train Your Dragon with the fluffball has resulted in a rather blah response.

(Just FYI in case you were wondering: Quinn really fancies that particular movie because for some reason or another, he relates rather strongly with Toothless. Annoying, stubborn, adorable as hell… See the resemblance?)

What about you? Do your dogs undergo some kind of PMS? And when they do, what do you do about it?! 

Lord, give me my buoyant annoyance back already.