/Ear Infection In Dogs

So I was bathing Quinn on one glorious hot afternoon, when (apparently) a little water managed to make its way into his ear.

BOOM. Ear infection.

Gosh, for creatures who have supposedly been descended from mighty and courageous wolves, dogs sure are fragile little flowers.

After bringing him to the vet, he was diagnosed with a severe ear infection, complete with the bloody ear pus, the rank smell and the incessant head shaking that accompanied his isolated body language – Dogs tend to avoid your touch if they are in pain, uncomfortable, or plain unwell. It took me a long time to realise that him shunning me was due to an actual medical problem, and that he wasn’t actually being an unlovable ingrate. Oops.

Anywho, 15 minutes later and a couple of words of wisdom later, we were sent home with dermotic ear drops (to be applied daily) and a strict warning to be more careful with his bathing rituals. Here’s what I learnt during my S$288 lesson with the doc:

1. Always Keep Their Ears Dry

To do this, clamp your dog’s ears down and keep them firmly plastered against their heads when showering. Due to the unique ‘L’ shape of their ear canal, it is easier for water to get trapped inside the inner curvey-bit of their ear (imagine the base stroke of the ‘L’ letter being the part of the ear canal you can’t clean). If you’re worried about hygiene and the inability to properly wash your dog’s ear, you could always go in with some dettol wipes post-shower.

2. Warm Water Is Key

Dogs are mammals – I know, total shocker right? Akin to both you and I, they prefer taking a bath in warmer waters, so do make a mental note not to freeze their butts off. Okay? Additionally, bathing in warm water will reduce the likelihood of the trembling or shaking fervently (in a futile effort to generate warmth), which would greatly diminish any possibility of a water-seepage accident.

3. Ear-digging Twice A Week

That’s the magic number: Two. Not three, not four, and definitely not daily. Dogs’ ears are sensitive in nature, and there are natural oils and dirt (yes, dirt!) that accumulates in their ears that aid them in the natural process of moisturising and PH-balance. Think of it as a human nose – Any more, or any less, could result in harsh repercussions. I’ve had a cousin who was obsessed with facial hygiene that he over-cleaned his nose with the constant digging and the hair-trimming,  eventually resulting in precocious nose bleeding due to a severely thinned out mucous membrane.

Keep your dogs safe, healthy, and I’ll send Quinn your regards. Have a good weekend everybody!

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