/Quinn and the home invasion

I’ve always envied those dog owners who’d take their morning and evening strolls with their pet dogs strutting gailily beside them, leashless, trotting along the pebbled pavement without a care in the world.

See, I could never do that with Quinn. Not only does he have zero restraint, but he’s got the obedience of a walnut. The last time he scampered out of our patio gates, I was frantic. I searched for him high and low, only to find him sniffing the butt of the 2-year old Chow Chow in the block next to ours. That idiot had run all the way to the playground (that’s a good jogging distance from where I live!) and decided to interact with the inhabitants on their daily walk.


So I probably bid that leashless dream goodbye ever since, and has since surrendered to the arduous process of getting Quinn’s booties on, followed by his body-encompassing harness, each and every trip out  into the surrounding gardens.

Please take a moment to emphathise with this poor dog owner here.
To be frank, that 8kg triple-loaf sized furry annoyance is a lot to handle.


That look of intrepidation as I motioned him for his daily walk: “Mom, must I really go?”


So this is what happened the other day:

  1. The beau took Quinn out for an evening stroll
  2. Unfortunately the beau knows naught of Quinn and his playful uninhibition
  3. So he took Quinn out for a stroll – Leashless *plays dramatic music*


These are the following events according to the beau, who was panting and sweating arduously after this entire ordeal: 

  1. After doing his private affairs, Quinn scampered off into the darkness and camouflaged into the night – I knew it was a mistake to adopt that one with the dark coat.
  2. The beau, naturally, was stunned. He attempted to retrace his steps in a futile attempt to hunt for the annoyance.
  3. Unfortunately, Quinn was about as obvious as an easter egg.
  4. From afar, the beau noticed that the neighbour’s patio gate was left ajar. Very suspicious, given that our neighbours hardly ever said hello, let alone left their homes open for welcome guests


Sneakily, the beau snuck into their patio to look for Quinn.

No sight of the annoyance. 

No sight of any people either.

Boldened by the lack of any signs of human life, the beau ventured into the neighbour’s living room, after hearing discernable whining/pawing sounds, characteristic of the annoying Quinn wanting something (and not getting it).

Turns out, Quinn had made his way ALL THE WAY into the neighbour’s master bed room and was pawing for a toy bunny perched on the mast of the bed post.

*cue the eye rolls*


Needless to say, Quinn received quite an earful when he got home.

The conversation with the beau went a little like this:

“Darling where were you? I was worried!”




The classic position: The I’m sorry pose. He resumed this pose the very next morning, since I was still fuming.