/Being a dog owner: 3 top things I’ve learnt over the years

Now that, is Quinn.

If you don’t know him yet, well, say hello.

He’s annoying, irritating and very smelly. And you’d be seeing a lot of him here on Perropet, with him being our official mascot. Captain Crunch was taken, so we got stuck with Quinn.

No matter how many times I bathe him, his odour (something of a mix between old eggs and socks) comes wafting back into my life and trailing throughout the house. That’s probably the reason why I bought that S$89 Muji aroma room diffuser last week. Oh well.

(Yes, I use him to justify my shopping purchases – Don’t we all?)

Quinn’s a grand 6 years old. That’s 42 in dog years, and since I’ve got myself a nearly middle-aged dog, I’ve decided that compiling a list of what I’ve learnt (as a first-time dog owner myself) over the years would be a wise thing to do.

Also, procrastination comes in many forms, and I’m just dying to get away from that Documentary essay I’ve been putting off for the past 2 weeks. So here we go!


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1. Food is communinal, learn to live with it


After getting a dog, there really is no such thing as food territory any longer. Akin to getting married, what’s yours is his, and what’s his is his.

Unfortunately, this principal was early on adopted by Quinn, who believed that everyone owed him the responsiblity of sharing their food with him. However, when it came to play time, those toys were his and his alone. Forget selfish cats, this dog was the epitome of mean. 


2. Money, money, money


Vet appointments, snacks, groomers fees, dog food, toys and special treaties – Those things cost money, and trust me when I say that Quinn sucks up your money faster than those mozzies spread dengue.

From S$300 skin appointments at the vet with ‘special bath soaps’, creams and ointments, along with the occasional (read: frequent) snack splurge on doggie ice-cream and cake snacks on his birthday (which have been happening more and more frequently) – Quinn is a bona-fide diva. 

But what can we do, those gorgeous big brown devlish eyes suck ya’ soul and make you pay. Sigh. Better to forget that hair appointment you have along Orchard Road and start saving up for the groomers. At least, that’s what I did


3. Love unconditionally

That’s Quinn, recovering from a bad poop session after licking a spoon of my favourite belacan out of defiance.

As much as I hate to admit it; despite the smelly 12am farts (on his end) to the chewing up of my favourite gym socks, or leaving bits of fluff and hair stuck to only god knows what around the house, Quinn is truly one of my favourite half-dog, half-devil creatures in the world. There’s no one who’d listen to my complaints unconditionally (read: reluctantly) and then offer me his soggy brown wad of patio leaves that he’s been chewing on for the past hour or so in secret as a form of consolation.

As if to say: Here talkative big thing, I know you had a rough day, but have a ball of my saliva and organic brown crisps I found in the garden while digging for imaginary bones. I know it’d cheer you up like it did me.

He’s annoying, but a cutie all the same. And there’s no one I’d love more in the world than that little asshole.