/Quinn’s new treats: Exam-edition

My apologies for the sporadic post, but I’ve been having my exams lately, and achieving a degree really ain’t a piece of cake, let me tell you that.

I’ve been buried under so much work, that my gym routines are starting to slack, it’s been forever since I’ve washed my hair and truth be told, I ran out of deodorant about a week ago and have been using baby powder to mask the odour – Army style.

Quinn on the other hand, has been basking in my au naturale-ness recently. Be it a dog thing or a  hyper-sensitive nose thing, he’s been loving the way I smell, possibly because I’ve been walking around smelling like a freshly powdered baby with a diaper full of poop. Whatever it is, he’s on cloud nine.

Nevertheless, the stress has really been getting to me, and I found myself spending more and more time cooped up in my room, Quinn lounging in his little cozy corner right beside my desk, chewing on the recent Perrobox treats that arrived sometime last week.

His favourite: These ultra smelly, smelly beancurd-like Salmon skins, that though it does wonders for his coat (he’s been gleaming like a Persian cat lately!), it stinks up the room like no other. 

Just the other day, I was attempting to memorise Deluze’s chapter on film theory, when Quinn let himself into my room (the door often remains ajar so he uses his paws to push it open, I’m afraid we haven’t taught him to use the knob just yet), armed with the stinkest piece of dried salmon skin to date.

I gagged, and pushed him and his treat out of the room, raving like  my mom on LSD (I’m a little very OCD about hygiene in my room, Quinn was just being annoying).


Needless to say, the room stank of mouldy fish guts for the next two days. Even Deluze wouldn’t get my mind off the smell.

That’s Quinn, post-gnaw:

Yep, he definitely tired himself out.
He farts in his sleep too, did you know that? Noxious, terrible, labour-inducing farts.