/Quinn: The Ultimate Money Waster

Dear Readers,

In the event that you decide to behave like myself, and adopt a dog like Quinn (full name: Harlequin Valentine), I have a piece of solid advice for you. Or rather, a few pieces of advice. See, Quinn is a handful. Or rather, he used to be, before blooming and shooting to the size of 3 mega loafs of bread. He’s annoying, irritating, smells like a wrong end of a cow and often bothers me when I eat. Also, he farts an abnormal amount, and attempts to blame it on other members of the family.

Here are some tips that might help you out, in the event that you’ve adopted a quirky one like mine. Trust me, these help. I wish someone had given me a rulebook on how to navigate this frustration of a fur ball, ages ago.

  1. Save your dollars

    Of all the expensive beds that I painstakingly bought for that ingrate, he chose to sleep on the floor. Thanks a lot, Quinn.

    Invest in the biggest, most solid bed that you can find. It would be a no brainer to try Pet Lovers Center, or some other neighbourhood store with reasonable prices and firm mattresses for your pooch. Oh, and it really doesn’t matter how small your dog is when you first get it, invest in the biggest bed possible. Because that creature will expand astronomically, and unlike human children who will eventually grow out of their annoying and bed-wetting phase, your furry babies won’t. 

    So be a dear and put some of that smarts to good use. Choose a doggie bed that’ll go the distance, and not the size of a walnut that’ll probably last you a few months or so.

  2. Don’t step on your dog

    He had to wear that cone for a really long time. Quinn was not happy.

    I know this may sound silly, but trust me when I say it’s way harder when you’re dodging your dog’s hastened trots as he dodges in and out from under your legs and dining table.

    Take it from me – Back in 2014, Quinn had to go for major tummy surgery because my mother accidentally stepped on him whilst in the dark (that boy is as dark as the night, God help us all), causing a horrible swelling in his belly. Turns out it was a huge infection, where part of his skin rubbed the wrong way and formed a huge bruise, which turned into a pocket full of pus and gross green stuff that oozed hideously.

    4 months later and S$2000 later, Quinn’s all stitched up and healed, albeit for a little white patch of hair on his belly that blatantly refuses to grow any fur. 

    Long story short, don’t step on your dog, or subject him to any kind of accidental horrors. He’ll thank you, and so will your wallet.

  3. Delivery services are your best friend

    That’s Quinn’s face of betrayal when I attach my promise of treats to the daily walk T&Cs. (Yes, he hates his walks. I don’t get it either.)

    Now now folks, I don’t like to toot my own horn, but it has to be done. So bear with me.

    Prior to being a writer at Perropet, I was a critic. Sceptical of pet boxes and the supposed ‘value’ that they boasted, I was unconvinced that a whole box of treats was somehow more beneficial for Quinn as compared to the 18-dollar a packet treats that I was getting him on a daily basis. For a real small dog, he sure had a huge appetite. And he was a mere medium-sized pup. I couldn’t imagine dogs like Quinn’s ex-girlfrienda ginormous golden retriever, who ate 4 square meals a day and pooped like T-Rex would.

    Anywho, subscribing from Perrobox helped me enormously in saving those funds for a rainy day, and giving me the luxury of letting Quinn sample all-natural, deathly and whole-grain snacks from all over the world, made with only the most premium ingredients. You could check Quinn and his happy Perrobox out here, as well as other satisfied (and no longer empty-walleted customers) on our Instagram page here.