/Quinn and the Food Crisis: Groupon saves the day!

So this happened today..

Quinn’s being annoying. But hey, what’s new?

That’s him right there, sulking under the dining table after rejecting the food that I prepared for him.

It all started when I steamed some brown rice for our lunch – a 3/4 portion for me, and a 1/4 portion mixed with minced pork and broccoli for him. I even mashed it up with a little dog food to give it that dog food-smell which Quinn loves so much.

But did he accept it gratefully like the loyal pooch he should be?


Did he even say thank you in that annoyingly cute way where he’d put up his paw and gently graze it against my ankle?


Quinn pushed it away, and decided that a healthier lunch would be to lick all the leaves in the garden.


The Worry


To be frank with you, I’m worried about that furry ingrate. Quinn’s been on a consistent diet of nothing but dried leaves, water and dental chews for the past 3 days. After finding out that the family would be going on a trip to Bangkok a couple of days ago, he’s been nothing but sulky. 

And to make matters worse, it’s been absolute hell standing up with my new-found fever, the pressure from my sinuses making it ridiculously difficult to speak, look at digital screens and let alone talk to anybody. It’s awful, and I feel like death frozen over. With the obvious red nose and people avoiding me like the plague, I think I’m all ready to join Rudolph’s gang at this rate. I can’t even hit the pavement with a light jog, let alone engage in rough play with Quinn. And it’s obvious he blames me for the lack of engagement. 

Taking solo walks around the house, refusing his evening belly rubs and shooting me dirty looks throughout the day – Yep, I feel like the Anti-Christ.

God, is it so wrong to be taking a 5-day break after one and a half consistent years of slogging for my degree and working my butt off trying to earn my coin?

Ah, but how could Quinn possibly know that?

Groupon saves the day


Nevertheless, since coming down with the flu I’ve taken a break from the usual organic whole-grain au naturale steam-and-prep for Quinn’s meals, and started relying more on my monthly Perrobox – Toys and snacks aside, there’s always a little trial packet of food that Perrobox includes in their monthly boxes. Enough for an entire meal for Quinn and more than healthy, it really takes the load off, and those snacks don’t hurt either.

What with the overwhelmingly all-encompassing treats and never-ending slew of chew toys, it’s pretty impossible to finish these up in a month – And trust me, having a surplus of treats on hand comes in really handy when you’ve got an active 6-year old like Quinn gnawing your ankles during movie night.

The deal

Perrobox currently has a deal for its loyal fan club, and allows for anyone and everyone to join in and be a part of this generosity (even I thought it was too good to be true):

Small dog boxes are currently going for S$14.90 (instead of the usual S$29.90)

Medium dog boxes are currently going for S$17.90 (instead of the usual S$34.90)

Large dog boxes are currently going for S$18.40 (instead of the usual S$36.90)

Still unconvinced? Check em’ out yourselves here!

Word to the wise: Perrobox is perfect for those strapped for cash, time or a horrible immune system (like myself), providing everything your pooch could possibly need. I used to be a non-believer of such boxes myself, believing that companies like these were only out for themselves, miniaturising the snack portions to earn themselves a hefty profit, whilst riding on the coat tails of others to develop a good reputation for themselves.

Nah, Perrobox ain’t that sort of people. They love, care, and ultimately have a heart – A little rare in today’s day and age, ain’t it? 


Psst: Here’s a sleeping Quinn, just in case you needed a little perk-me-up during your day.
Tip: Turn up the volume to really experience the full-fledged Quinn-annoyance package.