/May Perrobox Review: Primal Freeze-Dried Formula

The Winner: Primal Freeze-Dried Formula

Now this thing, is a true godsend. As you can probably tell from the picture in the title, this little packet of freeze-dried formula isn’t gigantic, but it sure does pack a punch in it’s bite-sized sachet.

Freeze-dried treats have long made waves in the doggie-food market, with things like freeze-dried salmon taking the cake each and every time. So far, it’s been a real hit with Quinn. Not only do the omega vitamins in the  freeze-dried salmon aid in managing Quinn’s once rough and flaky coat, but it’s usually odour-free (unless you’re getting real up-close and personal with the treats) and easy to store – Just a snap of a zip-lock bag, pop it into the fridge and you’re pretty much done for the day!


The same goes for Primal Freeze-Dried Formula, which I received in this month’s May Perrobox at a ridiculously effortless cost of S$29.90, owing to Quinn and his small size. Pricing for medium and large sized dogs vary accordingly, with more detailed information listed on Perrobox’s site here.

In all honesty, this little packet has generously cut down meal times for both Quinn and I. Quinn is a picky eater, and the fact that he prefers freeze-dried goods and steamed meals to dried dog food is a real bugbear. His meal times often include arduous cooking sessions, followed by being spoon-fed each mouthful. Ergo, extending his meal times can only mean postponing mine.

I’ve been having my lunch at 4pm every day for the past 6 and a half years. No joke.

The preparation

Having the Primal Freeze-Dried Formula on hand is a godsend, with it coming as a flaky cube of beef bits. It’s texture is crumbly and easily broken up, which comes as no surprise that you’re supposed to be sprinkling these bits over your dog’s dry meals to motivate them to finish their food, instead of feeding little flakes of it to your dog directly.

Which is totally not what I did. Totally.


Personally, I’d mix up a little canned dog soup, a little of the primal freeze-dried formula along with a cup of dried dog food and mix it all together. Looks gross? I hear ya’, but it’s delicious to them. C’est la vie!

The verdict

5-stars for the easy-to-use application of the freeze-dried cube of beef flakes, it’s popularity with Quinn and the idiot-proof packaging of it’s design. You’d be betting your bottom dollar that my pantry’s about to be stocked sky high with these babies.

Quinn, post-meal and lounging about with a food baby.