/Quinn’s staycation: Wizard of Paws

So, we left Quinn. On a staycation.

That’s him right there, sulking on the couch and jealously guarding his oversized football toy we got him for Christmas last year. I know, it’s been 5 months and the thing smells like a dead rat. But we can’t bear to throw it away, it’s Quinn’s favourite.

And yes, I know he’s long overdue for a fur cut. But bear with this caveman for a tad longer, he’s been scheduled for a grooming session with a certain talented groomer, whose review will be coming out sometime during the end of next week!

The Abandonment

Anyway, it all started off with the packing. Yep, his snacks, toys, treats, dog house, doggie dish and leash were all packed into a huge bag. At which time, Quinn’s interest was piqued, as his ears pricked up whilst perching atop the couch during his afternoon snooze.

Then came the family car, parked under the block with the engine running.

Followed that, was the dreaded take-off time: “Come Quinn, let’s go!”

*cue the pick-Quinn-up cuddle, and that frantic scramble*

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 5.13.04 PM
Quinn really didn’t want to leave.

The pet-sitters

Before you panic, we left him at a very reputable pet-sitter slash dog groomers slash cuddle house: Wizard of Paws. It’s a little shop along East Coast Road, with the owner slash professional cuddler Sir Dawson serving as the ever-compliant and ridiculously friendly person in charge of Quinn’s welfare and overall staycation wellbeing.

Quinn’s staycation process was relatively simple: My mom started giving Sir Dawson a full-fledged lecture about Quinn’s life story and history of illness, whereas the rest of us lounged about the spacious shop (which smelled really good!) and played with the other cats and dogs that were also being pet-sitted.

The boys, attempting to placate Quinn the heebie-jeebie.

One hostile cat takeover and a ton of teary heart-wrenching goodbyes to Quinn later, we were off to the airport. From the timely whatsapp updates that I received (in the form of texts, pictures and even videos!) from Sir Dawson, Quinn was a little shy during his first few days of his staycation, but slowly settled in to the point where he was gladly chewing up toys and pooping regularly.

Ah, nothing like a regular ole’ poop of Quinn’s to make your day.

The resident fat cat refused to vacate Quinn’s dog house, so some manual extraction was needed. Those fat rolls were just beckoning invitingly.

Wizard of Paws: The Verdict

I like em’, for several reasons.

  1. The place is brightly lit, air-conditioned, homely, and cozy

    Nothing like the chop-shops that were running through my mind prior to Quinn’s first stay-cation. Very professional.

  2. The owners, Sir Dawson and his partner, were more than friendly, accommodating, helpful and caring

    And these qualities were exhibited throughout Quinn’s week-long stay in the form of regular texts and updates to keep one’s mind at ease. And I’m a rather worried person, so that really helped to settle my OMS (overprotective mom syndrome).

  3. The dogs there were separated into their own cubicles (if deemed necessary)

    Only the friendly few put together for some play time. Anti-social or unfriendly snappers/biters would still be shown the same love and attention, albeit in their own personal space.

  4. Regular dog-walking sessions were provided

    Each session ensured that your dog had definitely gone before being brought back to the shop – Hey, a healthy bowel is a happy dog! (Sadly, this also applies to us Hoomans)

  5. Quinn was really happy there at his temporary home

    Partially because he was scheduled for a warm sea salt spa, which (I believe) really calmed his nerves. Plus, he smells like a ball of feather-down and powder, his fur incredibly soft and for the first time in the long time, odour-free. 

We’re flying off to Africa this Christmas, and Quinn’s going to be back into Sir Dawson’s more-than capable hands. This time, I’m equipping him with a basketful of Twistix Dental Chews and a buttload of my pictures – That way, he’d never forget about mommy. *insert creepy smile here*