/Quinn, the heebie-jeebies, and the thunder-thief

You, me and the heebie-jeebies

Right there, is the reason that I’ve repeatedly told my beau that we’re basically parents at this stage – Why the need for kids in the future, when this furry little nitpicker with a huge heebie-jeebie problem’s gonna be around till I’m 30? (Hint: Still not giving away my age).

Newsflash: Quinn is afraid of thunder. 

Now according to most studies, dogs are meant to be afraid of thunder, as are most beasts in the animal kingdom – from Lions to Lemurs and Elephants to Ostriches. It’s part of their fight or flight reflex, with their sensory nature adapted to keep them alive long enough to procreate. Tips: Screen a copy of The Jungle Book if you’ve haven’t the foggiest what I’m jabbering on about.

Unfortunately for Quinn, his fight or flight reflex has adapted into what I’d like to call the jeebies jump – a phrase taken from the archaic ‘Heebie-jeebie’, along with the natural movement that is Quinn’s, that is to leap into whose ever arms are the closest.

Exhibit A of the heebie-jeebies:

As you can witness in Exhibit A, we see a scaredy dog, more cat than anything else, cuddled up into a ferociously quivering ball of nerves and fur. Don’t be fooled by his cuddly nature or endearing gaze, this heebie-jeebie creature is well known for his foolhardiness, his mercenary nature (to abandon ship for the next hooman with aromatic food) and his ultra-panic mode during loud thunderstorms.

This creature of heebie-jeebie has been known to sulk around couch corners digging for ‘hidden treasure’, only to scamper under the 300-pound couch during loud thunder storms in the event that no hoomans are nearby for the jeebie jump; consequently getting stuck under the couch and needlessly panicking the entire family that he “must’ve ran out into the rain and died from pneumonia”.

Yes, thank you Quinn circa 2010.

The remedy?

Personally, I’ve been with Quinn for a long time coming, and he’s been my fur-baby, friend and annoying companion these last 6 and a half years. Accompanying me throughout my schooling years, being there for each heartbreak, each rebellious parent VS teenager fight and best friend fallout, he’s been there through it all.

He may be one of the most infuriatingly annoying dogs on this planet, especially with that heebie-jeebie nature of his, but you can’t go wrong with that loyalty of his. In many ways, he’s all grown up (42 years old in hooman years!) and yet the biggest baby that I know. Even more so than my sister when I snag the last kit-kat bar.

Alas, all you can actually do as a parent/friend/confidant when your dog’s trembling during loud thunderstorms, is to cuddle him up close, cover those floppy ears of his, and kiss him silly. At least, that’s what does the trick when it comes to Quinn and the jeebie-jump. Annoying, and definitely time-consuming, but I’d rather this than the couch-wedging alternative.

Also, I love him. Did I mention that?