/A solemn post: Reminiscing past toys

I’m done getting Quinn anymore toys.

For the past 6 and a half years, he’s destroyed exactly 32 toys: Amongst them being the tri-rubber keys that come on a yellow hook (a must-have staple for any teething puppy), my beloved childhood teddy bear Fluff, and a couple hundred other fluff toys that I have gotten him over the years.

In addition, he’s swallowed more than his fair share of toys. Note: Swallowed them whole. I’m pretty sure I have a picture of his last X-ray that we took a couple months ago; reflecting a day where Quinn decided that it’d be a fantastic idea to swallow his pink squeaky toy whole, resulting in a trip to the doctor, S$250 and a bunch of laxatives and daily poop examination.

Yes, that means exactly what you read. I had to collect his poop, and comb through it to see if he had passed the pink squeaky toy.

Naturally, it did eventually pass. However, it was neither pink nor squeaky. I vowed never to speak of it again.

Therefore, I ditched the toy idea and resorted to playing with Quinn – Man-on-dog-style. Of course, I couldn’t always be there, so I had my family members take turns to babysit. Thanks to Quinn’s docile and annoyingly lazy nature, babysitting often turned out quite well. Quite. Sometimes. Maybe.

Exhibit A: Lea and Quinn


This photo was taken an hour after Lea was told to babysit Quinn, as I hurried to complete my essay. I emerge, only to find both parties snoring away. Needless to say, I knew who to look for when I needed to exhaust Quinn out for bedtime.

Exhibit B: Quinn bullies the beau


Quinn would only let the beau carry him if they both lay down and took a nap. Consider him spoilt, because I do! The pair eventually fell asleep, cue the snores. Those pictures are for keeps, folks.

Exhibit C: The baby and I


Quinn and I, post-gym. As you can see, he really loves to be cuddled. Be it being cuddled, held or carried, he embraces human contact, and it usually required me to be there 24/7, which was hard to handle in the beginning, especially when school was a full-time job and the essays were never-ending.

Lessons learnt

  1. Invest in a quality toy.

    Take for example, Quinn’s oversized foot ball. It was a little on the pricier side, due to the fact that it was a good-quality toy (for big dogs, furthermore!) that I got from a pet shop in the mall. Still, 6 months and counting, and the squeak hasn’t been broken yet. Fingers crossed!

  2. Cuddles are everything

    If you’ve got stuck with a dog like Quinn, cuddles are definitely on your to-do list. And why not? They’re adorable, fluffy, but be careful to pick them up and put them down gently – Improper cuddling and carrying can cause spinal injuries, and even back problems for your pups.

  3. Warning: Small objects

    Quinn’s a biter. A chewer. A non-stop greedy machine. Ergo, all of the small things that I happened to unintentionally drop on the floor e.g. Paperclips, pens, post its and even bits of tissue paper – away they go. Be careful what you drop onto the floor, because dogs can be rather stupid, believe it or not.