/Diego (Loyalty- a different type of article) 

Loyalty and Dogs

Hello, my name is Joana, and I´m going to tell you now why I love dogs.

When I was seven, my friend and i were playing in my grandmother´s garden. The garden was huge, there were plenty of apple trees in it, a little pond for bathing, and a big trampoline. All in all, it was just the perfect playground for little children. The garden was so huge, that it needed a gardener to care for all the plants. My grandmother was too old to do all the work by herself.

On a very hot summer´s day, my friend – her name was Tina – and me were bathing in the pond. The gardener was cutting the hedge that grew nearby, and my grandmothers dog, an old, peaceful golden retriever named Diego, was lying right next to us by the pond. Diego was always very close to us, no matter where in the huge garden we were playing.

As it was so hot on that day, Tina and me decided that we needed some ice-cream. My grandma didn´t have any left, so she proposed to go and get some from the ice-cream parlour. Tina didn´t feel like putting on all her clothes though, she wanted to keep bathing a bit longer, so my grandmother and I went to get the ice-cream alone. It would take only fifteen minutes or so anyway, so it wasn´t a big deal if Tina stayed in the garden, it was in the safety of our home after all. She said she wanted three scopes of chocolate ice-cream.

When we came back with the ice-cream, Tina was sitting by the side of the pond and cried, while Diego was going wild at the gardener. He barked at him very loudly, and very ferociously, like I´d never seen him do it before.

My grandma asked Tina what had happened, but Tina didn´t say anything. She just cried. She cried very quietly, not like a kid, but more like a grown up. Diego wouldn´t stop barking at the gardener, so my grandma ended up locking him up in the kennel. The gardener said he didn´t know what had happened, or what was going on with Diego. He said, Tina probably fell and hurt herself or something. Well, after a bit of time, Tina calmed down, and we continued playing.

From now on, whenever Tina and me played in the garden, Diego would stay even closer to us, and every time the gardener came near to us, he started barking at him very badly just like he did on that hot summer´s day. His behaviour towards the gardener got worse and worse with every day that passed. After a view weeks, it got so bad, that my grandma decided that she had to do something about it. Diego was eleven already, and my grandma loved him like a child. She lived in that gar­den, so it wasn´t possible to just leave him at home when the gardener was there. She didn´t want to lock him up all day in the kennel too, so, eventually, she decided to get rid of the gardener.

A few months later, Tina told me what had happened on that summer´s day. She told me, that the gardener – when my grandma and me were getting the ice-cream – came towards her and told her to get out of the pond. As she was out, the gardener grabbed her and started to touch inappropriately her. She said he didn´t stop until he heard my grandma´s car drive up to the garden.

That´s why I love dogs. They protect. Call it instinct call it what you want, This dog potentially saved Tina from a lot additional suffering.

This short story was written by my brother Tim, a young and inspired student. (Independent Submission)