/PerroHQ insider| EWEGURT: Yoghurt for dogs!

Ewegurt: Natural yoghurt dog treats

Ewegurt, an au-naturale dog treat, has definitely caught my attention over the past few weeks.

Here at Perropet, we place food quality at the pinnacle of our home-grown business, supporting hearty dog foods and dedicated to serving and providing only the best. With a surplus of nutrition and healthy supplements, Ewegurt’s been at the forefront of the health industry for quite some time. And here’s why:


Ewegurt : dog yogurt made of sheep milk


Ewegurt’s benefits

Hey, it’s no phony. Their declared benefits did pique my interest at first, and though I hadn’t a single idea about what it was.

Hey, even the word was hard to pronounce, I’m just being honest here!

1. Promoted as the purest Sheep’s Milk Yoghurt

Produced only from the most natural ingredients, it’s advertised to help your dogs relax, boosting their immune systems with the healthy antibodies present in Sheep’s milk, and act as a natural laxative – Always a great remedy to any bad belly day. Recommended for dogs of all ages, even for the fussy eaters and those on antibiotics!

2. It treats puppy anxiety

Upon the first review, opening the package came as a huge surprise. A familiar (read: soothing) smell fills the air. Yoghurty, nice-smelling and reminiscent of milk, it’s contents were a fine red powder – And though the colour seemed dubious, post-testing proved us wrong. Way wrong.

Ewegurt : dog yogurt made of sheep milk

3. The Experience

By mixing equal parts of the red powder with water, our dogs approached the bowl hesitantly at first, but eventually lapped up the mixture enthusiastically. Hey, their zealousness even made me tempted to taste the mixture myself. It was emitting a smell that was rather hard to ignore.

Ever had those tasty yoghurty drinks as a kid? They were the highlights of my childhood, a drink that I’d scamper home every afternoon and tear open the fridge to drink. Yep, Ewegurt smells just like that.


4. What’s inside Ewegurt?

A closer examination of the ingredients put all my fears at rest. Most products would use happy, shiny little ambassador dogs on the packaging to mask the fact that subpar ingredients were being used. To our surprise, the main ingredient of Ewegurt was pure sheep milk, without any additives, preservatives or chemicals. Offering a high amount of protein, healthy fats and carbs, these boasted benefits really lived up to the hype.

This is important, because a good diet really helps reduce the danger of dog allergies, as well as health problems in the long run. It also boasts a glossier coat, and increased energy in a pooch. After all, a dog’s not an impulse buy, but rather a long-term commitment. It’s just like marriage: Till death do us part.

Perropet’s Rating: Two thumbs up

Several weeks after sticking to Eweghurt, we noticed a clear positive improvement on our Ewegurt dogs and their fitness levels. Looks like that mixture of sheep milk, coconut oil, and various organic vegetables really had a positive effect on their tummies, digestion and energy levels. Hey, it even helped them sleep better at night – Sans the snoring. That was a huge relief! (Goodbye dog snores that woke me up every 4 hours!)

Ewegurt is highly recommended for puppies, who are easily excited/scared – It helps calm their mental state while boosting their physical condition, which is always great for nurturing the young.

Nevertheless, just as every great beauty product or exercise regime would advise you: Big changes never happen overnight. Every dog is unique, so stick to your guns! Differences will definitely prevail, so have patience and don’t give up. Ewegurt is wholesome, natural, and all-round healthy for your doggies.


And hey, you could always keep experimenting till you find the right health mixture. In our opinion, Ewegurt’s one of the greats.