/Snapchat Filters: Dog’s Edition

Snapchat Filters On Dogs

Why do I say that? There is a whooping 100 million active users on the application DAILY, Yes daily! It got even more popular due to the addition of Snapchat (SC) filters. SC filters are live animation/effects for your (or your pooches) face that will be captured as a video or snap shot. Snapchat stories are where you upload the images that you’ve captured and is shared among your friends for 24 hours. Check out some of the filters applied on my friend’s dogs, Stinky the Sheltie and Pickles the Maltipoo, it’s hilariously cute.

1. The Coachella Flower Filter

This filter is specially made for the popular indie/alternative music festival, Coachella. Ladies attending will always be wearing flower crowns so what better filter than this if you forgot your head gear? And the dreamy teary eye effect will just POP anybody or dog’s face.

Stinky can be the first flower dog for your wedding.
Stinky can be the first flower dog for your wedding.


Why do you look so sad, Pickles?
Why do you look so sad, Pickles? You look so cute!


2. The Dog Face on a Dog Filter

Ahh, this infamous filter has been on Snapchat for a long time and is proving to be a popular choice. You either love or hate this Dog inspired filter. Personally for me it gets a little annoying because its on everyone’s Snapchat story, but hey, no point always trying to go against the grain right?

Dog with snapchat filter
Aw come on who hates this? No one.

3. The REALLY Sad Face filter

This filter is widely used by people who are at work or at school and just want to send their friends a snap to show them how miserable they are. It exaggerates your frown to look REALLY MISERABLE. What happens when you apply it on dogs who already have a default frowning face?

Snap chat sad filter on dogs
It’s as if her puppy eyes are not enough!

4. The I-Don’t-Know-Where’s-My-Chin Filter

I seriously don’t know what is this filter and why it exists. It’s as if your chin got bitten from someone in JAWS and your eyes are filled with jello shots. But nonetheless it really brings out the puppy eyes in Pickles.

Snapchat Alien Filter on Dogs

5. The Verdict

All in all, Snapchat’s great, most of the people around me use it! Its a way of keeping my inner-busybody entertained. It connects people and dogs around the world! An Instagram famous dog who uses Snapchat is @MarnieTheDog (she’s really cute, go follow!) Her updates are not very frequent but it is super entertaining when her owner does upload a few stories.

In the meanwhile, if you have any pictures of your dogs with any Snapchat filter, do submit it by tagging @MYPERROBOX on instagram and we will re-post our favorites!