/For Dog Lovers With Allergies

Allergies: The Sniffles

As a girl growing up with major allergies, IT SUCKS. BIG TIME. I am a huge dog lover however, my sinus and eczema reacts crazily when coming into contact with dogs (especially those dogs that shed their fur regularly). I’m always the one all bundled up in a corner with creams and blankets while my friends basically gobble up the dogs’ cuteness, because my faucet of a nose just can’t stop leaking.

Ah, I can only appreciate your beauty from afar. (taken at Taiwan dog expo)
Ah, I can only appreciate your beauty from afar. (Taken at Taiwan dog expo)

Not only my nose but my eyes and skin gets all red and irritated, but my eyes would start tearing uncontrollably. It’s as if I watched Hachiko all over again! And my skin? Oh, no. Don’t make me say it. I’m basically a dog with fleas. 

There are some lucky days when I interacted with dogs and phew, not a single tissue used. However, I will never know when my lady luck is by my side.

My solution (and this always works)

Take anti-histamine pills; More specifically, Chlopheniramine and Zyrtec D. (Please check with a medical professional if you’re allergic to these medicines before taking them!)

These two life savers are my go-to cure, and can be found at any local clinic, polyclinic or pharmacies for approximately S$10.00. I’ve been previously employed at a dog cafe, and I’m telling you that these pills really did help curb my allergies and keeping that nose plugged.

However, taking Chlopheniramine actually makes you a little drowsy, so make sure you’ve got nothing but play time and zero work before popping that pill. Personally, Zyrtec D works slightly stronger for me, and doesn’t cause drowsiness. Plus, it kicks in pretty fast!

This trusty ol' pal serves as a protection for my weak eyes.
This trusty ol’ pal serves as a protection for my weak eyes.

My allergies tend to escalate quicker when I’m wearing contact lens, probably because my contacts are dehumidified and incredibly dry, making dust particles and dog fur easy irritants. So a word of caution: If you have teary eyes as part of the “allergy-incentive-package”, try not to wear contact lens when you’re around dogs. Or anything furry, for that matter.

All in all, allergies suck, and I seriously hope there’s some genius out there currently working on a permanent cure. Not only will it improve countless lives out there, but dog lovers like ourselves are saved.