/Pet World Malaysia 2016

I decided to take a short holiday and drop by the Malaysian Pet World 2016! I generally like going to pet expos’, so long as the crowds do not get too overwhelming. It’s always nice to see all the pet products under one roof! The real shame was that I could not bring our office dog Snowy to the show but that would usually mean a 1 month quarantine once she makes her way back to Singapore!

Maybe if the quarantine was free I would have considered leaving her there for a free pet staycation!  It’s more akin to going into a pet prison than a hotel! So I’ll pass. (rubs hands together with evil laughter)

Malaysia Pet World 2016


The show was located in Mid Valley shopping mall, Its very well catered for in terms of food and amenities, so we really made a day of it! The entry price for the show was 5 RM and allows you access to 3 halls comprising of Dogs, Cats and others. I noticed that the same brands that are carried in Singapore are generally available in Malaysia as well. Brands like Merrick, Eukanuba and Wellness and the like.

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The main difference was that the vendors in at the Malaysian Pet Expo were allowed to bring and even sell dogs at the event. I am sure if anyone reading this will feel the same but, the sale of dogs is generally frowned upon in more developed countries with the emergence of adopting strays as the way to go. But I feel that buying purebred and designer breeds are still readily available in Singapore but do not make it into the more public view as often as in Malaysia. We are really good at hiding our dirty laundry!

IMG_20160610_152050 13391451_1350219998326498_2648044126357967057_o

I really was tempted to take the french bulldog (above) home! Why do dogs always have the saddest faces? It was also nice of the Corgi club to attend the event as well, those stubby little pooches literally took over the stage when their time slot came on!

The pet expo is not only about dogs and cats!

IMG_20160610_154138 IMG_20160610_154215

I stumbled across tarantellas and geckos as well ! What a shock! I guess they were not kidding when they said it was a pet expo!

It would not be fair to compare the different pet markets as I strongly feel that each country develops at its own pace and is duly catered for by the local companies! I did notice though that there were generally less artisanal homemade dog treat companies at the expo. We have those Singapore favorites like SG barkery and Feed my Paws that have become so popular within our local dog community.

The Malaysian World Pet expo was generally a good experience especially with the diverse universe of what is considered a pet. Fortunately, there weren’t any monkeys available for adoption/sale.

Although the exchange rate did make it quite interesting to buy back some of the products for personal use! But taking it on the plane and the extra baggage would not have made it worth the while! Be careful not to bring back too much of the pet food as it might end up being taxable at the customs! Food products are a real sensitive issue especially if we bring in larger quantities, so no! To buying a 6 month supply of dog food for Snowy!

By the way! Look at this interesting track mill for dogs! fully non-electric! It’s ideal for super active dogs and can be yours for around 2500RM! Poor dog looks like he/she is going through a torture chamber though.