/3 ways to improve your dog’s breath!

Biters, Beware

Cleaning Quinn’s teeth is a chore that a loathe to do. But not for the reasons that you’d usually think.

I don’t mind the grime and grit – After all, I was tasked to comb through his poop throughout April after he swallowed an entire pork bone. In addition, his gigantuan ear infection in March taught me that yellow pus and strong-smelling green infection juices can come out of even the cutest of us. Even Quinn.

That’s him right there.

Reasons for loathing the toothbrush

I feel sorry for Quinn. Teeth-cleaning is obviously an activity that puts him through a lot of stress and pain. What with the insane wriggling and gurgling noises, it just puts me through hell to know that he’s in a ton of pain.

Alternatives to the brushing

Cut me some slack, but I usually get down to the arduous task of brushing Quinn’s teeth about twice a month. In the meantime, I resort to alternative methods to keeping his teeth clean and sparkly. And nice-smelling.

1. Water Additives

Added to your pet’s drinking water as a preventive measure against tartar formation, I first introduced them to Quinn’s diet when he was a pup. Though it is meant to be both odourless and tasteless, the vet said something about him needing to get used to the initial taste of the water. The enzymes in the

NOTE: Always look out for the official seal of approval from your country’s Veterinary Health Council or Association.


2. Twistix is a girl’s best friend

Chewing and constant gnawing can help keep your pet’s teeth healthy and strong. Nevertheless, past experience had taught me never to take pity on those huge brown eyes of Quinn’s, especially at the dinner table. No chicken or pork bones, even if you think they’re ‘big enough’ to be unswallow-able. They’re a definite danger hazard.

I like Twistix: They’re not only wheat-free but made of innocent rice powder. Healthy for the bones and darn good for the skin.

Psst: Check them out in your monthly Perrobox! They’re the one treat that Quinn looks most forward to each month.


3. So are baby wipes

After each meal, I would typically wind a piece of baby wipe around my finger and do a clean sweep of Quinn’s mouth. You’d be surprise at the amount of gunk you find inside. Plus, it keeps their breath smelling more tolerable and less like a rat died inside. Baby wipes are hypoallergenic and contains no alcohol or preservatives. Note: Use baby wipes. 



So do us a favour, and get that rank breath checked out. Nobody loves a kisser with bad breath, just saying.