/European Cup 2016: Dog breeds Edition

Dog Breeds European Cup: Portugal vs. Poland

Today will be another highlight of the European Cup 2016 in France. Poland will challenge Portugal in order to advance to the Semi-finals, but the team from Portugal with their star player Dognaldo won’t make this an easy task. Lewandogski and Dognaldo will make the difference today and continue to dream to be the champions of Europe.
In football, both teams are equal, but how do two iconic dog breeds compare to each other? Will the Polish Lowland Sheepdog make the race to the next round or is the Portuguese water dog`s defence too strong? Who will finally succeed to the next round and challenge the next dog breed?
Let’s have a first look at the profile of those two.


Poland Portugal Winner
Dog Breed Polish Lowland Sheepdog Portuguese Water Dog          –
Discipline Very easy to train and intellectual Easy to train and highly intellectual Portugal
Speciality Herding and guarding

(Man-marking, tactician)

Served fishing trips to retrieve gear and herding fish into the nets Poland
Characteristics Fearless, good-natured with people and dogs highly protective of his herd. intelligent, active, strong

(Team player, tactician)

High energy level and attached to family, very smart, great stamina, working class, excellent swimmers Tie
Star player:



1 (2)



2 (2)


Cuteness (Perropet team opinion) 9TRgonqBc9TRgonqBc9TRgonqBc9TRgonqBc9TRgonqBc 9TRgonqBc9TRgonqBc9TRgonqBc9TRgonqBc Poland
Physical abilities Height:1 foot, 5 inches to 1 foot, 8 inches tall at the shoulder
Weight:35 to 55 pounds
Height:1 foot, 5 inches to 1 foot, 11 inches tall at the shoulder
Weight:35 to 60 pounds
Winner 2 2 Tie



The show-down between the dog breeds

Both teams are strong and have earned their right to play in the quarterfinals by playing good matches before. The Portuguese can figure out a tactical masterpiece with their intellect and listen to their trainers every order. The players are highly intellectual and can think of various moves to attack. However, Poland is not dumb at all. They engage in some form of counterattacks as well. Poland will take the defensive part and try to withstand the energetic attacks of Portugal by working together and keep the formation.
The teamwork of both teams is great and both show great attachment to each other and their fellow team members.
The Polish Lowland Sheepdog especially excels in their ability to man-mark the star player Dognaldo! He will have a hard time scoring with the strong defence of Poland. Both teams have similar physical abilities, which means nobody will have an advantage in free kicks and corners. Lewandogski can make the difference at the end by using his great stamina and go all out at the end.


It will be a close match with not many shots on  the target but lots of duels between those breeds in the midfield. It will be crucial if Dognaldo can shake off the man-marking and score. Perropet thinks the teamwork and defensive abilities of Poland will finally decide the game to their advantage. Both teams are equally great, but Poland has the advantage on the ground. In waterball Portugal would win without much effort.

Winner: Poland