/Singapore’s Dog Overpopulation: Cute, or cruelty?

According to the infographic as shown below, the number of dogs in Singapore have been steadily increasing. And this burgeoning rate is becoming as alarming as China’s problem with overpopulation.

Overpopulation: See what I mean?

Source: The Straits Times

Though this problem with overpopulation has caused a boom the pet service industry in Singapore, with most businesses claiming to have witnessed a 20% increase in their profit margin over the last 10 years, abandoned dogs – mostly mixed breeds, strays and mutts – are being put down like falling dominoes.

Sure, these furry companions may provide you with a warm tummy to scratch when you come home, or even a cute face for you to cuddle for a couple of seconds before flopping back on your bed to scroll through Facebook or catch up with the latest episode of The Walking Dead – And then where do these pets go?

Whom would they play with? Who walks them, takes care of them, kisses them goodnight, ensures that they are loved?

Needless to say, the increase in number of abandoned dogs have been closely correlated to the high number of dogs in Singapore. Personally, I think that someone ought to put a cap on it.

According to market research firm Euromonitor International, Singapore’s pet population by end 2016 is estimated at a whopping 824,600 pets. Worried? I know I am.