/Abandoned Dogs: Cruelty to Animals

Remember that article sometime in March this year, where 18 dogs were found wandering abandoned around various locations in Singapore? They were furry pedigree dogs, a majority of which were poodles, and had belonged to the owner of a pet grooming school. These dog ‘models’, whom the owner and his apprentices used to practice their scissor skills on, were plotted along various pit stops in Singapore, abandoned due to the owner’s inability to deal with his neighbour’s complaints regarding the noise (and possibly smell).



Sympathy? I think not.

It’s an honest-to-God problem, and though I empathise with his situation (and nasty neighbours), I heavily condone his actions. I mean, 18 dogs? You couldn’t find a couple of friends or family, or raise some kind of adoption drive?

With the ubiquity of pet drives in Singapore, not to mention the slew of animal welfare centres that has been popping up left right and centre, his best solution was to drive across the entire island, dumping animals at sporadic spots where he thought the dogs (and I quote) “Might have a chance of being adopted”.

Additionally, he came ups with excuses like “I was afraid that if I sent so many dogs to one rescue group at the same time, they would be culled.”

Um, then probably don’t send so many dogs in at the same time? With a little time and dedication, I’m sure you’d be able to find adopters for these pooches, let alone various rescue groups that would take in 2 or 3 dogs at a go. But no, he was impatient, irresponsible and a complete and utter let down to dog owners and carers everywhere. Heck, he gives us dog owners a bad name.

Sure, it’s a shame that he can’t manage 30 or so dogs any longer, but there are always alternatives that can be sought. Similarly for dog owners everywhere, it is a shame that you can no longer take care of Bud there, but don’t be like this guy. Don’t pull a stupid. There are other things that you can do.

What can I do?

  1. Friends and family. Naturally, this should be your first option. Make use of that Facebook wall and 2000 friends that you’ve got there. WhatsApp everyone you know. Tweet it out, or Instagram a cute pic of your dog. Ensure he finds a proper home before leaving him with someone else.
  2. Try animal rescues. They’re usually more keen on breed-specific food, and if your dog is a pedigree, the chances of them being adopted is much higher.
  3. Animal shelters. Places like SPCA is always teeming with dogs, but do keep in mind that they are a pro-kill facility, who schedule dogs for euthanisation when they are at full capacity. It’s your choice, mate.

Dogs are like family. You wouldn’t just dump your old mother on the street and drive off, would you? Similarly, (and I reiterate), don’t pull a stupid. Be smart, and make smart (and ethical) choices. Don’t forget, karma exists.