/Vacationing With Your Pet: 6 Hotels That Accommodate Your Dogs!

Pet Hotels: Back by popular demand!

Our Perropet readers have been demanding for more information regarding hotels in Singapore who accommodate pets and their special needs, so here we go!

No idea what we’re talking about? Take a read below:

Hotels in Singapore have finally opened its doors to accommodating your fur-kids with you. Hey, I sleep with Quinn, and he’s the best hot water bottle there ever is. Sure, he snores a little and farts a lot, but the reality is: I just can’t spend a moment away from that little furry idiot.

Nevertheless, going on a holiday has become a huge hassle, and I have never taken a holiday with that black fur ball in the 7 years that we’ve been together. For the simple reason that most hotels would usually chase you out with a 7-metre long broomstick the moment they see you and your fur-kid approaching.

They have fur-sensors, folks. And they are strong. 

What are these hotels that not only do away with the broomstick, but welcome you and your pooch with open arms, you may ask?

Hotel Hotel review


Max. dog weight Extra fees Amenities Accessible areas
The Regent 2000px-Full_Star_Yellow.svg2000px-Full_Star_Yellow.svg2000px-Full_Star_Yellow.svg2000px-Full_Star_Yellow.svg2000px-Half_Star_Yellow.svg Max 15,

2 dogs allowed, but 15kg combined

Possible cleaning fees Available (bed, bowl) Lobby and Room only, do not leave dog alone
Conrad Centennial 2000px-Full_Star_Yellow.svg2000px-Full_Star_Yellow.svg2000px-Full_Star_Yellow.svg2000px-Full_Star_Yellow.svg2000px-Half_Star_Yellow.svg Max 34 kg Extra fee of SGD 180 Lobby and Room
Capella 2000px-Full_Star_Yellow.svg2000px-Full_Star_Yellow.svg2000px-Full_Star_Yellow.svg2000px-Full_Star_Yellow.svg2000px-Half_Star_Yellow.svg less 6 kg Possible cleaning fees Available (bed,bowl) Lobby and Room
The Hilton 2000px-Full_Star_Yellow.svg2000px-Full_Star_Yellow.svg2000px-Full_Star_Yellow.svg2000px-Full_Star_Yellow.svg 5 kg Extra fee of SGD 50 Available (bed, bowl) Lobby and Room only
Four seasons 2000px-Full_Star_Yellow.svg2000px-Full_Star_Yellow.svg2000px-Full_Star_Yellow.svg2000px-Full_Star_Yellow.svg2000px-Half_Star_Yellow.svg Less than 7 kg Extra fee of SGD 100 If available a bed Has to be on leash everywhere


1. Regent Singapore, a Four Seasons Hotel


Located at walking distance from Orchard Road and Botanical Gardens, you couldn’t ask for a more picture-purrfect date for you and little Spike.

Price: Approximately S$299 for a 2 day-1 night stay, additional charges for you and your fur-baby may apply.
Address: 1 Cuscaden Rd, Singapore 249715

2. Conrad Centennial Singapore

Pool Dusk View

This award-winner not only allows your pooch to bunk in with you (in your own bed, if you wish!) but also provides pet room service such as food bowls, snacks and treats at ranges from S$5 to S$16. They are not only extremely accommodating towards you and your furry baby, but they even go the extra mile to make sure both of you are happy and well-fed.

Price: Additional S$180 for the pet cleaning fee, additional charges for you and your fur-baby may apply.
Address: 2 Temasek Boulevard, Singapore 038982.


3. Four Seasons Singapore


The four seasons hotel associates itself with being a top class hotel. The 100 SGD might be a little expensive but possible cleaning fees are already included (if your pooch can´t hold it anymore!).

Price: Approximately S$424 for a 2 day-1 night stay, additional pet charges may apply.
Address: 180 Orchard Boulevard, 248646 Singapore

4. Capella Singapore

Pool Dusk View

Luscious greenery, a walk away from Palawan beach and the spokesperson of the ultimate privacy. It’s a perfect place for you and your animal buddies to settle down (at least temporarily), to enjoy the stunning scenery – Rather hard to come by in Singapore, no?

Price: Approximately S$284 for a 2 day-1 night stay, additional pet charges may apply.
Address: The Knolls, Sentosa Island

5. The Hilton Singapore


Ooh, we’re talking luxury here! If you’re checking into this cushy place, your pets would be more than overjoyed to enjoy those plush pillows and comfy sheets. Situated right in the heart of Orchard Road, it’s a convenient destination for any local or overseas traveller.

Price: A top up fee of S$50 to your total bill to accommodate small pets below 5kg
Address: 581 Orchard Road, Singapore 238883

Extra: Fraser Suites


A service apartment perfect for large groups of people, it is a 10-minute walk from Clarke Quay. Bars and Lounges galore, but it’s a perfect hideaway for you and your fur-kid. Come on, it’s a hotel, what more d’ya want me to sell you on?

Price: Approximately S$284 for a 2 day-1 night stay, additional pet charges may apply.
Address: 491A River Valley Rd, Singapore 248372