/Strays of Singapore: Puppy Pete

Who is Puppy Pete?


Puppy Pete is one of the many strays that was caught by AVA to be put to sleep. I managed to bail him out before he is euthanized.  He is approximately 6 months old now and is looking for a good home to accept him.
He used to have a very bold and bubbly nature before he went through the trauma in AVA. Currently, he is a little timid in front of humans but is extremely friendly to other dogs.
He is still motivated by food, and we sincerely hope to get him a good home.

Pete managed to survive a horrific past and deserves a home, where he is loved and secured. Get to know him better and see what a lovely young gentlemen he is. If you can give him love he will repay you a hundred times with his affection towards you and your family.


Pete’s Profile

Gender Male
Cleanliness HDB Approved
Physical health healthy, not sterilized yet
Personality friendly to dogs but a little timid to humans
loves treats
Status Awaits adoption


Please contact Annie Tan at 96508049 if someone is able to give him a forever loving home.