/Common Dog Skin Issues

Dogs scratch, and it’s pretty much unavoidable. They scratch for all kinds of reasons; from physical pain to infections, or even pathological habits! But these are the more common reasons why dogs would scratch themselves

Skin parasites e.g. Flea, mites, lice

Skin infections e.g. Bacterial (like Quinn’s pus-ey abscess)

Skin allergies e.g. Quinn’s allergic to chicken and some varieties of fish

Hormonal imbalances e.g. Pregnancy

Skin lesions e.g. Abnormal growths, skin cancer




However, it would be good to note that dogs that suffer from hormonal imbalances are not all necessarily pregnant. Certain cancers, autoimmune diseases or diseases like lupus and Cushing’s disease are all illnesses that can present themselves in your pooch.

In addition to keeping a really close watch on your dogs, another for sure tell-tale sign would be your dog’s shedding. The amount that your dog sheds almost always accurately proportionate to their metabolic changes an health condition.

Take for example, back when Quinn was forming an abscess on his belly (thanks to my mom accidentally stepping on him in the dark), hair was falling out on his belly, and he was biting and gnawing on the area much more than other areas of his body. Additionally, these skin irritations were paired with inactiveness, mood changes and diet imbalance.


To keep your dog from scratching his ears off, I highly suggest that finding the root problem always helps. Depending on the breed of your dog and their individual personalities, only you can accurately decide if your dog’s behaviour appears a little odd, or out of the blue.