/NEWPERROFACE2016 Runner-up 1: MiloWobbleButt!

The #NewPerroFace2016 Competition

So, over the course of Mid-April to Mid-June we, @MyPerrobox, held a competition called #NewPerroFace2016. It was to get dog owners all over Singapore to post a picture of their dog and their dog’s favourite toy/treat/item. The dogs could stand a chance to walk away with 1-month subscription of PerroBox!! So here’s our first runner-up from the final competition!


In this post, we have interviewed Milo and her hooman

@MiloWobbleButt, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi.


The winning entry of @MiloWobbleButt
1. Where and at what age was Milo when you got her and what’s her breed?
We got Milo at 4 months+ from a local pet store here in Johor Bahru where we currently reside. She is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi.
2. How old is Milo and when’s her birthday, do you guys celebrate (if yes, how!)
Milo has recently turned 1 year & 6 months. Her Barkday is on 28th November 2014. Unfortunately, we didn’t really get a chance to properly celebrate her 1st Barkday as we were quite busy during that period because of a cousin’s wedding in which we were heavily involved in. So we just gave her extra treats and took her out to the park which she loves (she adores grass lol, like A LOT).
3. Where do you usually bring Milo to?
For her daily walks, around our estate (we live in a gated community). Occasionally, we bring her to a nearby park with a large open space for her to run around and play.
4. What are some quirks that she does? 
There’s this funny thing she does with her ears when she’s unsure about something. We call it the “Yoda Ears”. It typically happens when we arrive back home. You’re probably wondering why–Shouldn’t she be ecstatic to see us and welcome us with barks of joy? The reason is this: She used to poop in the living room out of protest to our leaving her behind whenever we had to go out. Then when we returned, she would be guiltily hiding in her crate with her ears spread apart like Yoda from StarWars. The thing is, she knows she’s done something wrong that would beget punishment–usually a scolding and a timeout in her crate. So instead of waiting for us to tell her to “Go Crate!”, she’d automatically go there herself with her ears all Yoda-like. XD
Thankfully, her poop-to-protest phase has ended for a while now ever since she was fully potty trained. Interestingly though, what still happens upon our return is she’ll be in a corner with her guilty-Yoda-Ears that’s become a habit instead of a “I’m so happy you’re back home” greeting. Seems like this adorable guilty look has become a part of her. It sounds a bit sad, I know! But it’s been a long time since we’ve had to punish her for protest-pooping as she’s matured quite a lot and is now generally a really good girl! We’ve been giving her lots of treats for doing the right thing (positive reinforcement works best!) and also calling out cheerfully to her the first thing when we get home and she sees us. However, she’ll still do her cute Yoda Ears out of habit. Though now it’s more out of curiosity towards “What Treat Will I Get” as opposed to “Will They Punish Me Again”. And that’s a good thing, right? 🙂
5. How does Milo react around strangers? 
Loves ’em!! She absolutely looooves humans and won’t hesitate to go up to them for a pet or belly rub! She’s extremely friendly towards people but acts more cautious around other dogs. It’s probably because she doesn’t get to hang out with other dogs very often since we don’t know any Corgis or hear of any Corgi gatherings here…
6. Does she do any tricks?
Yes! She has learnt Shake Paw, Roll Over, Bang! (play dead) and last but not least (also our favorite trick), Press. “Press” is when she’s asked to apply pressure using her paw to Switch On & Off a mobile Light that has a toggle switch. We place the light on the floor and get her to do the trick with the command, “Press”. There’s actually a YouTube video of her doing this Press trick. And yes, she has her own YouTube Channel too! 🙂 Here’s the link to the video of her doing the Press Trick: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRYPl1yNkfA
7. Have you got really mad at her before?
There was a time she was chewing on the furniture and I got mad and punished her by giving her a “time out” in her crate. (She will go to her crate when told to.) She was supposed to stay in her crate for about 15 minutes but then she had this “poor puppy” look on her face. Suffice to say, 15 minutes became more like 5. =D
Update: She did something naughty just very recently that topped the cake. Read about it in the next question. 🙂
8. If yes, do you have any pictures of her being guilty? 
Not many because it’s tricky when we try to take pictures of her in certain expressions/positions we find amusing. But I’ve attached a recent one of when she was being scolded for peeing on our bed!! (This was something she had never done before so I was particularly mad because I had an early morning the following day and only found out about the pee at night, which meant losing an hour or so of much-needed sleep to cleaning and changing sheets! And yes, our bed is on the floor so she has easy access to it though we usually don’t allow her to get onto it too often due to her constant shedding.)